Sami Bazzi

1) Since 1992, you have worked with more than 65 high-end brands and the most exclusive in Children’s category. Over the years of vast experience in the market, how do you think the kids’ fashion sector has changed over time and what are its future prospects? – lots of changes and with the countless new brand names that have emerged, I think that still only those with strong roots in designing and cuts combined with creative minds, potency to produce and manage professionally will prevail. A brand name of course is big part of the attraction but the creative fashionable designs, model styles, and capable qualified management are the most important to keep the name strong in the market. The brand name alone will not add a real value if not in accordance with market needs , and must know exactly clients’ needs and requirements geographically.
2) You have been taking part in Pitti Bimbo for many years, why do you think it is important to participate? And compared to other international events, what do you think Pitti Bimbo has that’s different? Over time, what changes do you think have occurred in the way fashion trade shows are held and how brands’ collections are presented? In your opinion, what will be the future of events like Pitti Bimbo? – I’ll always make it a point to participate twice yearly because it is very important to be updated with new trends, new brands, and possibly meet new suppliers. Of course, attending the fashion shows also gives me clear ideas on the strength of the collections. For me, Pitti Bimbo is the vessel and the original root of Children’s Fashion in the world. Lots of positive changes have occurred over the years and hope that children’s fashion suppliers and buyers all over the world will continue to patronize the Pitti Bimbo.
3) You recently received an important honour from the Italian Republic for having promoted children’s brands made in Italy… what does this recognition mean to you? 
First, I would really like to thank the Italian Republic presented by the president, and the government guaranteeing me this honorable recognition ORDINE DELLA STELLA D'ITALIA -HA CONFERITO L'ONORIFICENZA DI CAVALIERE for the hard efforts and long committed business relations with the Italian producers and companies where we managed together working very closely to develop and improve this sector. 
4) You work with brands like Young Versace, Roberto Cavalli Junior, GF Ferre, Moschino, Alviero Martini ... just to name a few... What does Made in Italy mean in kids’ fashion today? 
Made in Italy is still the strongest of all up to this day. It means a lot for me, it is the art of invention, contrivance, production, quality diluted with the talented labor craft , it is the know how to teach , and show others the great finishing of a product, it is Michelangelo , it is Leonardo Davinci, it is Raphael, it is Artemisia Gentileschi, Galileo Galilei, Lorenzo De Tonti, it is Luigi Brugnatelli, Luigi Bazzi, Enzo Ferrari, it is Enrico Fermi, Manzetti, Bartolomeo Cristofori, Alessandro Volta, Enea Bossi, Bonomi, Angelo Moriondo, and many others ... it is the most important for the country heritage, resources, and treasures which should be extremely supported in all means to be preserved, and maintained.

5) What appeal do Italian brands have on the international markets and, in particular, in the Middle East? – The Italian brands got high class creativity, quality, and elegance that are worth to appreciate. No one beats the Italian fashion designers until now. They are still on the top of fashion, for example more than 90% of our suppliers are Italian as we believe in their creativity, their production which definitely comply with the taste of our market, and many other international markets. Finally we hope that the recent general international global economic regress due to the temporary incidents appearing will be passed soon causing a real recovery and exhilaration to many sectors within the support of a well meaningful efforts by an efficient management to overcome this situation.