Nineties vibes for this Danish brand’s SS with specific focus on finishes and details. A no-compromise Teen Look that takes in style and movement, ranging from flower prints to sporty graphics. Colourful irreverent t-shirts champion friendship and the values of sport.


Since 2009, this brand has been telling it in denim from the Swedish coast, inspired by open skies and faded shades with a marked hint of street style. I Dig Denim is cross-generational and dresses parents and their kids in comfort and style.


Independence and girl power stimulate the imagination of this Belgian duo in the launch of a SS that is 100% POP. As designers are both mothers, they rediscover summer looks for teens with the aim of amazing and having fun, though unusual combos.


A collection of waterproof outerwear that reworks the brand’s historic patterns with prints from its legendary eighties backpacks, like the memorable red and white stripe. Plenty of accessories too, very light and streetwear inspired.


Classic British style interpreted in latest trends, both for partying and for leisure. Minoti was founded in Manchester in 1997 and it produces a total look of very high quality and with timeless lines.


Humour, urban style and lots of colour are the creative drivers for this collection. Colourful sweats teamed with refined pieces having minimal, typically Scandinavian cut, without however ignoring practical materials, perfect for kids’ active lifestyles.


Floral costumes for this New Zealander brand, which focuses on product quality and pattern freshness. In the prints on the beach cover-ups, and also on the flowery themed bikinis with their Mediterranean inspiration.


Sunuva is a gorgeous UV protective swimwear and beachwear brand for kids, inspired by tropical destinations and a passion for travel. From the spirit of Ibiza to the markets of India and tropical island hideaways, Sunuva’s inspirations blend together to create beach-chic at its best.


Tom Joule - ‘A true British lifestyle brand with an authentic heritage’. Established in Britain by Tom Joule nearly three decades ago, Tom Joule is a true premium lifestyle brand with an authentic heritage. Our children’s collection features prints, stunning appliques and cool graphics that will catch the eye as well as the imagination.


A universe of pop colours that looks to the exuberant eighties. The Woolrich kids’ wardrobe for SS 19 has fun playing with graphic style codes also loved by adults. The classic colours of the American Flag, red, white and blue, are precisely the ones used for the chromatic rainbow in this range.