Ragione e emozione

Coordinated for Pitti Immagine Filati by Li Edelkoort in collaboration with Ornella Bignami

Fortezza da Basso

The “Spazio Ricerca,” or Trend Area greets visitors at the entrance to the Cavaniglia Pavilion and opens the show.
Coordinated for Pitti Immagine Filati by Li Edelkoort in collaboration with Ornella Bignami for the knitting stitches, it is the result of the most advanced studies and serves as a source of inspiration for creatives in every field.
The setting is by young architects of Gruppo A12, a studio that has come into the limelight by participating in the world’s major art and architecture exhibitions.
The central theme of the Spazio Ricerca at this 2003/2004 Autumn-Winter edition of Pitti Immagine Filati is the even contradictory relationship between reason and feelings. The desire for solidity and certainty, for a structured reality made to last through time cannot be separated from the need for creativity, dissonance and eccentricity.
Characterized by the use of standard, prefabricated galvanized steel elements, the Spazio Ricerca is divided by two symmetrical stairways that create a corridor in which the stitches and color charts are put on display, broadcast by thirty-two monitors. Audiovisual projections on the right and left, and at the entrance the yarns showcased by the participating firms are arranged on two totem poles.
Here are the four study themes:
Black/white, male/female, salt/pepper, snow/fog.
Extremely light neutrals versus dark neutrals. Airy, fuzzy and soft yarns versus technical, luminous coated yarns.
Skin/bone, plaster/bronze, inside/outside. Daily basic meets the eccentric and lets itself be contaminated by leather, fur, bone, fringes and pile materials. Dull, burnished metallic effects. Chalk. Heavy, savage and rustic yarns
Light/heavy, lace/leather, rétro/metro. Avant-garde and the past. Nostalgic, powdery shades versus grey, greyed and washed-outs, Fragmented yarns. Touches of antiqued metals and colors Gold.
Snob/dandy, tartan/upholstery, Shetland/tweed, cottage/castle, rationality and folly
The typically Anglo-Saxon way of putting things expressed in knitwear through the use of totally different yarns in the same garment. Tweed. Mélange. Dark colors.
Florence, 3 July 2002