Pitti Filati presents

Ricerca e contrasto

Curated by Li Edelkoort in cooperation with Ornella Bignami

Fortezza da Basso

The Pitti Immagine Filati Spazio Ricerca, or Trend Area, coordinated by Li Edelkoort and Ornella Bignami for the knitting stitches, opens the fair and welcomes visitors at the entrance to the Cavaniglia Pavilion. This section of the show offers stimuli and inspirations for creatives in every field.
The setting is by Gruppo A12, a studio of young architects from the Genoa area who have recently come into the limelight because of their participation in the major international art and architectural exhibitions.
The area develops the central theme of this season’s study: polarities. 
An imaginary line divides the space into two sections that, while contrasting in color and meaning, are closely linked to each other. On the one side, three monoliths – like the backs of dinosaurs – on the floor showcase the knit stitches. On the other a screen that takes up an entire wall offers pictures that illustrate each theme; cubic seats feature the color charts.
The three polarities that awaken the imagination are:
Guerra/Pace [War/Peace]
A union of aggressive styles and pure, childlike, angelic details. Mix uniforms with lingerie and lace.
Metallic threads, significant textures, intelligent combinations. Cold, dark colors: black, brown, military green, lead gray and blue. Pearly sheens, soft, ethereal materials, white and pale neutrals, baby blue and pink, red.
Caldo/Freddo [Hot/Cold]
A Latin flair and exoticism come together with a typically Nordic rational elegance where the extravagant and the classic meet.
Colorful, imaginative, complex, seductive organic yarns. Leafy green, purple, lilac, orange and tobacco. Threads wrapped in mesh, are controlled with a cool, dry hand, in fine and ultra fine gauges. Mist gray, blue gray and petroleum green.
Vecchio/Nuovo [Old/New]
A dreamy, romantic feminine instinct blends with the most realistic and technological vision of the future. Retro styling and contemporary design, nostalgia and city life. Materials arouse memories with crepe-like surfaces and old, comfy looks. Nineteenth century fané colors: sage green, burnt brown and dusty pink. Technological blends, man-mades. Flat, elegant, contemporary surfaces. Carmine, turquoise, acid green and lemon yellow.
Florence, 24th  January 2002