Curated for Pitti Immagine Filati by Li Edelkoort in cooperation with Ornella Bignami

Fortezza da Basso

The fulcrum of the event, the Spazio Ricerca welcomes visitors at the entrance to the Cavaniglia Pavilion. Curated for Pitti Immagine Filati by Li Edelkoort in cooperation with Ornella Bignami who does the research on knitting stitches, this area is the fruit of the most advanced research and a source of stimulation and inspiration for creatives in all fields.
The area is designed by Gruppo A12, a studio of young architects from Genoa who have moved to Milan and made a name for themselves by participating in the world’s main art and architecture exhibitions.
Atelier is the name of the Spazio Ricerca at Pitti Immagine Filati n° 52. Characterized by a return to creativity as a driving need the guiding theme of the 2004 Spring/Summer season draws its inspiration from the artist’s studio – the ideal place for developing new ideas expressed through declinations of painting and drawing. The themes for a season that focuses on originality, color, cheer and naturalness are, Painting, Sketching, Watercolouring, Crayoning.
Vertical elements made of different materials describe the Spazio Ricerca and divide the area into four areas, four ateliers – one for each theme. Each one, features yarns and colors, knitting stitches and concepts completed in finished garments. These, in turn, are displayed with the aid of materials that contribute to creating a warm, welcoming and spontaneous atmosphere, much like an artist’s studio. Images and sounds projected on different screen arrangements introduce the four research themes.
The extreme fantasy of painting. The power of color: primitive and unique. Strong colors: green, red orange, rust, brown, blue and bottle-green. Irregular, creative yarns.
Water colors. A sophisticated, feminine atmosphere. Soft, silky yarns can be think or thin, shiny and matte, fresh, bright and sparkling. The colors: pink and flesh tones.
The first quick lines that convey an idea and define a new concept of the basic. A come back for blue: inky, blues that aren’t really blue, blues mixed with gray and violet. Black. Linear, discontinuous, twisted, springy, crisp yarns in heavy and fine gauges 
Children’s drawings make us imagine cheerful, colorful yarns, that are curly, spongy, fanciful, simple and naïf. Summer moulinés and tweeds, like stripes and polka dots. The colors: pastels and the light-and-bright typical childhood shades. 
Florence, 5 February 2003