Knitting together

Located in the Cavaniglia Pavilion, it is a trend workshop, the fruit of the most advanced research

Fortezza da Basso

The Spazio Ricerca is the fulcrum of Pitti Immagine Filati. It is a trend workshop, the fruit of the most advanced research, a source of stimuli and inspirations for creatives in every field. The 700 square meter Spazio Ricerca is located in the Cavaniglia Pavilion.
It is curated by Li Edelkoort in cooperation with Ornella Bignami who does the stitch research. Gruppo A12, the internationally renowned studio of young Italian architects, who designed the La Zona section of the 50th edition of the Venice Biennale dedicated to young, contemporary Italian artists, has created the settings. 
The title and theme of the Spazio Ricerca at the 53rd edition of Pitti Immagine Filati is Knitting Together. The 2004/2005 Fall-Winter presentation recognizes the similarities between yarn and the individual, and between knits and the social structure as the focal concept. The knit becomes the symbol of the need to come together and unite in a group; color, like affinities is the binding element of a season that presents a product that is unique in quality, creativity and cognitive wealth.
The Spazio Ricerca’s arrangement is based on the idea of building a central place that can attract the visitors’ attention and movements. It revolves around a platform with twelve vertical elements. Like menhirs, they convey the idea of a tribal gathering around a campfire, and their surfaces function as “screens” for audiovisual presentations. Beyond this perimeter a nebula of parallelepipeds features the knitting stitches. The Spazio Ricerca is immersed in a black container: the bunches of colored yarns - like prehistoric wall paintings - illustrate the color charts at the two side entrances.
Florence, 2 July 2003