Spazio Ricerca


This year’s title and theme is Animaglione

Fortezza da Basso, Main Pavillion

Through Pitti Immagine’s cooperation with the Flanders Fashion Institute of Antwerp and the designer Angelo Figus, the Pitti Immagine Filati Spazio Ricerca has opened a new season, strengthening its propensity for the avant-garde and research and giving life to a new lexicon of styles and trends.
A workshop of ideas and trends, a source of inspiration and stimuli for creatives in all industries directly or indirectly connected to fashion, the Spazio Ricerca at Pitti Immagine Filati is the key to the fair’s international success.
Animaglione, (Aniknitmals) is the title and theme of the Pitti Immagine n. 55 Spazio Ricerca. It presents a series of considerations on the origins, identity and belonging to a group or species. Curated by Angelo Figus, one of the most up-and-coming fashion designers on the European scene, with the technical support of Nicola Miller, expert in knitwear and consultant to the most forward-looking names in the industry and with the cooperation of Gruppo A12 for the settings.
Angelo Figus, was recently given the task – and honor – of producing a tribute to Emilio Schuberth, the Italian sartorial master who, in the “forties” and in the “fifties”, dressed Soraya and Maria Pia di Savoia, Valentina Cortese, Lucia Bosè and Silvana Pampanini. 
In a setting inspired by the savanna twenty-six full-size reproductions of exotic and domestic animals “change their coats” and their characters with a touch of irony, making us reflect on nature and origins as well as the fact that fashion is a game and should be fun. Kangastriches, pythostriches, alligatigers, giraffillas and rhinopards suggest the creation of surprising yarns to produce sensations that are just as incredible. 
Animaglione, a presentation of yarn trends and colors for the knitting industry – for the 2005-2006 fall-winter season - will be welcoming visitors at the entrance to the show in the 700 sq. meters of Cavaniglia Pavilion.
Florence, 7 July 2004