Pitti Filati 56 presents

Earth wind fire water. The strands of history

The Spazio Ricerca curated by Angelo Figus in collaboration with Nicola Miller

Fortezza da Basso - Main Pavillion - ground floor

At Pitti Immagine Filati n. 56 the Spazio Ricerca will totally change its visual approach, presenting itself as an event rather than an illustration of technical/market research.

A research workshop that illustrates the design opportunities offered by knits, the Spazio Ricerca has distanced itself from the concept of trends anticipating market aspirations and interpreting social moods – which has been surpassed by a reality in which “anything goes” – experimenting with and showcasing the manifold creative solutions that can be applied to this medium.
As a result of Pitti Immagine’s collaboration with fashion designer Angelo Figus, and Nicola Miller, knitwear expert and consultant to many of the sector’s most prestigious companies, the Pitti Immagine Filati Spazio Ricerca has become an innovative and unique experiment which, communicating through knits, creates fashion and offers inspiration to experts and creatives from every sector. 
This edition’s theme, Terra Aria Acqua Fuoco. Il filo della storia (Earth Air Fire Water: The strands of history), is intended as a journey through the distinctive hallmarks of the various cultures that populate the world and their possible interaction.  Man is both the point of departure and the protagonist.  In fact, the human body becomes the supporting structure for knitted garments – which are almost sculptures – derived from the combination of typical clothing shapes with patterns and graphic elements representing different cultures. Thus the new look silhouettes of the ’50s are combined with the graphics of the Navaho Indians, the classic men’s suit is linked to the patterns which are sacred to the Ibo tribes, the 19th century pannier is colored with images of erotic Japanese art, the typical rapper’s jogging suit is combined with the pinstripes of a Wall Street suit.
Not a lesson in hybrid fashion but rather a comparison, a dialogue between formal and graphic stereotypes, outlining new working itineraries illustrated by sculpture/knits.
The colors represent the primary elements – earth, wind, fire, water - that characterize and unite the history of every civilization whilst also constituting the organic basis of human life. 
2500 square meters of the Cavaniglia Pavilion will host the Spazio Ricerca layout project realized in collaboration with Gruppo A12. A green wood in an imaginary time, suspended over water; inside are human shapes, frozen in time as they carry out everyday acts, like a stop frame: a man sitting on a bench, absorbed in the book he is reading, children playing hide-and-seek, a picnic on the grass. 
Their bodies are used to create play on shapes and volumes, representing the infinite creative possibilities hidden inside a yarn.
Florence, 2 February 2005