Pitti Filati 58 presents


The home becomes a knit in the Spazio Ricerca

Fortezza da Basso - Main Pavillion

The Spazio Ricerca at Pitti Immagine Filati is a continuously evolving workshop-laboratory; it is a unique and innovative ongoing experiment that uses knits and fashion to communicate with experts and creatives in every field. Each season the Spazio Ricerca comes back with a new face; and each time its 250 square meters in the Cavaniglia Pavilion feature a different inspirational key. The title-and-theme for this edition is Casamaglia, the Knitted House. 
Casamaglia. The Pitti Immagine Spazio Ricerca presents the inspirationals for the development of yarns for the 2007 spring-summer season. The starting point is the primary need for shelter, the concept of a home. The home in all its meanings related to the world’s geographical areas, with all the modifications deriving from climates and cultures. A journey without having to travel – an opportunity to find the trait d’union between cultures, languages and lifestyles. Permanent homes or temporary dwellings, made of natural, technological, salvaged or synthetic materials, suggest three principal moods for inspiration. Natural, where nature supplies the raw construction materials; salvaged with ecologically salvaged materials that come from the union of nature and industry; technological, where hi-tech materials give life to dwellings that react to and interact with the outside. The yarns for the 2007 spring-summer season will take on the values of these construction methods.
Research and experimentation are at the service of fashion industries. Via the Spazio Ricerca, Pitti Immagine Filati offers the exhibitors and members of the trade the efforts of the most creative minds and greatest experts in the field of design. Angelo Figus - fashion designer and project coordinator, and Nicola Miller - expert in knitwear - have been successfully producing the Spazio Ricerca for four editions now. 
The new member of the creative team is Jo Ann Tann, visual designer (since 1998 she has been designing and producing window dressings for Moschino). She has gained international fame for her work that rereads artisan skills in a modern key, and was invited to design the settings for this edition of the Pitti Immagine Filati Spazio Ricerca. 
New York, November 15th, 2005