At the Stazione Leopolda

Do knit yourself

The first national KNIT-OUT during Pitti Filati

Fortezza da Basso

A projected by Nicoletta Morozzi with the NABA
sponsored by Pitti Immagine Filati and the
Assessorato alla Moda of the Province of Florence
One of the stars of this edition is DO-KNIT-YOURSELF, produced by Pitti Filati and designer Nicoletta Morozzi with the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA), with the support of the Assessorato alla Moda of the Province of Florence. From 4 to 7 July a series of special events will unfold at the Fortezza da Basso, the Stazione Leopolda and the whole city of Florence, with the spotlights focused on the new worldwide craze – knitting! .
Knitting, crochet and embroidery, long considered hobbies and pastimes for granny, have recently attracted a big and enthusiastic following. Today, knitting is enjoying a second spring with men and women of ages, classes and walks of life plying their needles to relieve the stress of our modern lifestyle. America is booming with Knit Cafés and Knitting Groups where people get together – in knitting stores, bookshops, art galleries, … to knit. And it has already gotten to Hollywood’s celebrities: Uma Thurman, Hilary Swank, Julianne More, Winona Ryder, Sarah Jessica Parker and even Russell Crowe and is exerting its appeal among Italy’s famous names as well. After last February’s debut at Coffee Design during the Triennale, the Knit Cafés have spread to the most diverse places and engaged a truly mixed audience thanks partly to dj La Pina who adores knitting and launched a call “Let’s connect the pieces,” and asked listeners to send in their knitting during the Pinocchio program on Radio DEEJAY.
Florence, too, has caught the fever. The city’s first Knit Cafés opened in June at the Melbookstore, the Quelle Tre and Essere atelier-stores and thanks to the support from the Assessorato alla Moda of the Province of Florence, they spread throughout the city and province. Other sessions are already planned at: Laboratorio Le fate ignoranti, Caffè Rifrullo, Giubbe Rosse and Cabiria as well as in the towns of Grassina, Barberino di Mugello, Castel Fiorentino and Tavarnelle Val di Pesa.
Concomitantly with Vintage Selection (4-7 July 2007, the fair featuring vintage clothing, accessories and design objects), the Stazione Leopolda will host the first Italian knitting rally – with novices and veterans. The event will showcase the projects created at the knit cafés and the works of artists who use knitting as a medium of expression. Two installations will be the special protagonists:
- FAMILY DRESS: an outfit-family consisting of ten characters and a dog in a single piece. It is a portrayal of a third-millennium family, each member has his or her own personality, but they are all bonded by the spirit of contributing to a project and a will “to create, to do.” The outfit was created by connecting all the  knit pieces sent in by the radio audience, yarn manufacturers and friends.
- PUZZLE DRESS: a maxi-dress put together by the visitors who will have the opportunity to give their imaginations free rein with the materials supplied by some of the Pitti Filati exhibitors (Grignasco, Filpucci, Lanar, Orno, Loro Piana and Di.VE.).
In addition, two important names in Knitting & Graphic Art will also be participating in the event at the Stazione Leopolda:
- Aldo Lanzini, the multifaceted and multitalented Italian artist who uses crochet in his works and will create an installation of a series of original crocheted sculptures.
- Fumio Tachibana, of Japan who will create a work of art based on the collection and interpretation of the materials and projects made during the Knit Out.
Over the past few months NABA –Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti of Milan – did a research project on the topic of Do-Knit-Yourself as an early form of creativity and mass production, through two design workshops held by Nicoletta Morozzi and Lorenza Branzi. During Pitti Filati, the Cavaniglia Pavilion at the Fortezza da Basso will showcase the first projects by the students of the Milan and Tokyo workshops: not just finished clothing and accessories, but also real experiments in which knitting is the favored means for expressing true creativity.
Nicoletta Morozzi works in the design, fashion and communication sectors.  She has worked with the Studio Branzi since the early 90s.  She contributes to various magazines, has coordinated a number of exhibitions (including “Italia-Giappone, design come stile di vita-  Italy-Japan, design as a lifestyle” - Yokohama and Kobe, 2001), and has carried out a program of research for Japan’s Muji chain stores.  She teaches design and fashion courses at the Politecnico in Milan and Naba (Milan), and directs a master’s degree course in Sportswear at Naba (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti – New Fine Arts Academy).