The Spazio Ricerca is a place for experiments

Fortezza da Basso - Padiglione Centrale

The Spazio Ricerca is a place for experiments; it is where ideas and concepts become knits. Both unique and spectacular, the Spazio Ricerca is the Pitti Filati laboratory/workshop that increases the potential of yarns and knits at each edition. Angelo Figus, designer, and Nicola Miller, knitwear expert, have been successfully planning, designing and staging the Spazio Ricerca for six seasons: it is located at the entrance to the fair, in the Cavaniglia Pavilion, the perfect introduction to the world of yarns and innovative experiments in knits.
ZUCCHEROFILATO – CANDYFLOSS – is the theme of the Spazio Ricerca at Pitti Filati 61. Sweets of all kinds are the subject since they are concentrates of esthetics, taste and pleasure on the borderline between beauty and cruelty. The sweet as the utmost expression of luxury for the eyes and the palate creates a new image of esthetics and style to become a new tool for reading reality. Knits as delicious and fluffy as whipped cream, layered like a napoleon, sweet and fragile like meringue; yarns as airy as cotton candy, soft and creamy as French custard, strong and silky as dark chocolate and as impalpable as confectioners’ sugar. 
The palette corresponds to the dream of the ideal pastry shop: the softly colored icing on La Durée, the browns of a Sacher Torte, the delicate yellows and whites of custard, caramel, puff pastry, honey, candied fruits and the decorations on a first birthday cake, the crispy, rustling transparency and metallic reflections of the beautiful wrappings.
The setting for the Spazio Ricerca at Pitti Filati n. 61, designed by Figus and Miller, is an enormous, fully laden table. It is a Pantagruelian explosion of knitting stitches and tempting delicacies – all knitted out of yarn. Female images, a contemporary rereading of Arcimboldo are projected on the background – artworks on the walls of a dining room of the future.
Florence, 4 July 2007