Pitti Filati presents


the new theme of the Spazio Ricerca

Fortezza da Basso - Padiglione Centrale

Curated, planned and designed by designer Angelo Figus and knitwear expert Nicola Miller who, in eight editions, have revolutionized knitwear concepts and design. They are continuing to strengthen and affirm the success of Spazio Ricerca, the exclusive experimental laboratory/workshop created by Pitti Immagine which, at each edition transforms ideas into yarns and knits and attracts fashion's best creative heads. The Spazio Ricerca opens the show at the Cavaniglia Pavilion serving as an introduction to the world of yarns and highly rated trend workshop.
An imaginative and visionary grafting of nature and technology, Turbonatura offers the possibility of building and exploring a Wonderland suspended between reality and projections into the future. It is a world where natural and manmade excellence go hand-in-hand, where nature conceals a synthetic, galvanized, chrome-plated aerospace souls. It is an oak forest with catalytic mufflers; an orchard of trees with halogen fruits; landscapes that change color with at the touch of a remote, mystical yet artificial fragrances and breathtaking sunsets inside a room.
Spazio Ricerca presents a concept of nature that can evoke a future as distant as it is fascinating and abstract that conserves the memory of its origins even in these new scenarios. It is an ideal balance between two apparently contradictory ideals on which to base the present and build the future: the utmost in contemporary alchemy.
The palette is divided into five groups of natural and abstract colors with image-creating names: electric salad, holographic land, iris blue cdr, silicium sunset. 
The Turbonatura set, designed by Angelo Figus and Nicola Miller, is a surreal, futuristic forest as the main character – a forest of trees with steel grafts nourished by the vital lymph of threads, with fruits/yarns sprouting from the branches. 
It is a forest with an acid green grassy cover, illuminated by the green glow of the aurora borealis; it is immersed in a world of PVC where mirrors distort and multiply images as in Alice's Wonderland. In the middle of it all is a forest of wood and steel mechanical trees, with knits, yarns and stitch swatches for fall-winter 2009-2010 dangling from their branches.
Florence, 2 July 2008