Pitti Filati 66 presents


The new theme of the Spazio Ricerca

Fortezza da Basso - Padiglione Centrale

A different mood, a new approach and a new location for the Spazio Ricerca and Fashion at Work sections of Pitti Filati. Both are moving to the lower level of the Main Pavilion to become the fulcrum of the event’s creative expressions. Spazio Ricerca, the experimental workshop that concentrates on trends and whatever is new is becoming increasingly integrated with Fashion At Work, the area dedicated to the  most advanced technologies and services for the textile/clothing industry so that together they develop a single, ongoing dialogue among research, products and technology.
“NO” is the ironic and provocative title of the new Spazio Ricerca that will showcase trends for the 2011 spring-summer season,  staged by fashion designer Angelo Figus and knitwear expert Nicola Miller as artistic directors.
“NO” is a study of the dichotomies and ambiguities between being and seeming, between the essential and superfluous, and between the sophistication and simplicity that increasingly characterize contemporary life. It is an invitation to say “no”, to reject everything that is imposed and developed for without any consideration for us as human beings but only as consuming beings. “No to garbage, no to processed foods, no to designer foods, no to disposables, no to the umpteenth editorial on rock stars, no to advertising campaigns, no to the latest model cell phone, no to body building, no to folk, to retro to trends…” because only like this “will the world to come offer simple, honest opportunities within the reach of all”.
“NO” will develop 5 strong themes in just as many installations scattered through the Lower Level: 
NO E-MAIL, write me a letter: an invitation to retake possession of handwriting; 
NO RESTAURANT, bake me some bread: an appeal to retake possession of the home to prepare meals; 
NO SUPERMARKET, I will grow some greens: an invitation to get back in touch – literally - with the earth; 
NO WASHING MACHINE, I will do it by hand: a suggestion to get back to a balanced relationship with water and do without technologies; 
NO CAR, let’s go for a walk: a call to retake possession of the space around us, to listen to the sounds and rhythms of the street and look at its faces.     
The setting, designed by architect Alessandro Moradei, present these five “stories” through modular components that are assembled differently for each theme, creating a single “path” of colors and textures.
Florence, 27 January 2010