Pitti Filati 69 presents


The new theme of the Spazio Ricerca

Fortezza da Basso

RECYCLETHIC - recycling as the creative and sustainable response to the growing demand for raw materials - will present a close-up view of the concrete and visionary possibilities of using and reusing different materials, materials new to the world of knitwear and materials that could stimulate research and the development of new from old. The seven stages Spazio Ricerca tour will take you inside the materials to understand their potentials and specifics for reutilization or creation based on suggestions coming from what already exists. The tour itinerary will extend throughout the Fortezza with special areas dedicated to projects and collections based on creative recycling. 

Here are the 7 themes and materials:

a colorful, changing world with different consistencies. Materials and shapes in constant flux – coming together and separating. The atmosphere is playful and expresses the need for getting away with a positive outlook for the future, thanks to research and experimentation.
Wood: the focus is on wood’s potential – the material that is always alive, even after it is discarded. It bears the marks of time and of the paints and varnishes that have covered it. The calm, natural atmosphere satisfies the need for warmth and rationality. 
Glass: glass’s odyssey begins with a shattered bottle. The language is that of high fashion and the structures that draw the inspiration for their shapes from the architecture of glass. The atmosphere reflects the need for transparency and honesty, even when it comes to extreme elegance. 
Metal: mountains of stringy metal leave the dumps to become shiny, glowing materials. Compressed heavy steel sheets create an aura of irregular motion. The theme expresses our need for stability and strength. 
Rubber: travel diaries – a trip through the landscapes of old tires. Piles of tangled tires suggest uneven, thick textures. The theme expresses the need for flexibility and compromise. 
Paper: the world of recycled paper is dedicated to indoors – to being sheltered inside a paper house. And the world of the home merges with the world of clothing, creating new rituals for dressing and receiving friends. The theme expresses the need for lightness and tranquility.
Rags: the focus is on the world of discarded clothes that all have a story to tell. Secrets and treasures once hidden in our closets become new and extraordinary items. From the past for the future. The theme expresses the need to go back – to our histories and our roots.