Pitti Filati 70 presents


The new theme of the Spazio Ricerca

Fortezza da Basso

The Spazio Ricerca and Fashion at Work areas, essential parts of the fair and fulcrum of creativity are growing and developing. The Pitti Filati 70 Spazio Ricerca – the experimental lab where trends are analyzed and launched – will explore the relationship between people and the rural environment through FUTURURAL, the theme-title for this edition, and make a statement about the need for quality, genuine raw materials, and honest values in life and in esthetics. The countryside is the great workbench to preserve and the place to cultivate new ideas. This clear and reassuring message can be the perfect response to our hectic lives, and it opts for a deliberately non-conceptual approach: it is a fresh alternative for creating timely collections with a strong push towards the future, with modern, functional elements. A new itinerary through the Fortezza with special areas dedicated to ideas and collections based on “country creativity” will be an added plus – all staged by fashion designer Angelo Figus and knitwear expert Nicola Miller. A specia set curated by Alessandro Moradei