"The Garbage Revolution" by designer Rodolfo Lacquaniti

Vintage Selection at Stazione Leopolda in Florence sees the debut appearance of this project-exhibition

Stazione Leopolda

A creative vision that moves around the reuse of waste objects, real pieces of rubbish that when assembled become universal art. The artist thus presents The Garbage Revolution: "New-gen H202 mutants have gathered among the rubbish on the “mountain”. They are the metropolitan scar, the urban wrinkle of the rebel waste tip. They register emotions, explore uncharted worlds and unexpected dialogues. They register the state of war between humans and their world, the collapse of resources, relentless growth, pollution, the wild techno-revolution…” 

With The Garbage Revolution, Lacquaniti uses multi-faceted media to communicate with the international audience at the fair: video-art, painting, performance, music, photography, words, gestures, live art and poetry. The moment for reflection starts with the depletion of energy that afflicts modern man. The aim of The Garbage Revolution is to strengthen dialogue between art and its audience from different origins, through multiple methods for sharing a cultural space. Art interacts with its surroundings, with the community, producing models to trigger social change. The “Garbage Revolution” is the revolution of a “people” made up of nearly one hundred H202 mutants. Each one has a personal code inside it that describes the circumstances, encounters, relationships and influences that each single piece of rubbish had with the artist and with the world that generated it.
The exhibition will be inaugurated on 22 January, from 6.00 to 9.00 pm and will run until 26 January.

 For more info:

Giovanna Todini - gio.todini@gmail.com