MAGLIFICO – The Knitwear Journal @ Pitti Filati

At Knit Club with the “In the Wings” installation by Canedicoda

Area KnitClub - Fortezza da Basso – the digital platform and first online magazine to explore creativity applied to knitwear – will be in the Knit Club section with the installation “In the Wings”  by the multi-talented designer Canedicoda. 

This is a huge collage of different kinds of knits. The work is ideally linked to the Wings project – a single-theme timeless collection made up of a series of single-edition patchwork sweaters in very unusual shapes, colours and fits, where the recurring element is always the collage of knits, either new or recycled. 
Started at the beginning of 2011, the project was presented in Milan by Le Dictateur – the space/gallery belonging to Federico Pepe and Pierpaolo Ferrari – and so far includes 150 pieces. For this special installation at Pitti Filati, Canedicoda interprets the basic concept of Wings, applying it to a more environmental need: the outcome is a warm welcoming background, an iridescent shape that becomes clothing for Maglifico. 
About Canedicoda
Canedicoda is a designer who, inspired by a very well-defined individual idea, ranges right across the whole gamut of art, music, the creation of clothes and interiors. Since 2003 he has carried out his own personal study of language, style and method, working with Marsèll, Viafarini/DOCVA, Carhartt, Replay, Adidas, Vic Matiè, Dumb Sktbrds, Le Dictateur, C2C, Netmage Festival, Live Arts Week and the Swiss Institute. Also active in the field of music, Giovanni Donadini, aka Canedicoda, has lived in Milan since September 2011. He also follows Minema, a temporary cinema, and Piattaforma Fantastica, organiser of mainly “experimental” musical events.