Sansovino 6 è Pitti Italics, per la prima volta in occasione di Pitti Filati

Teatro della Pergola

Sansovino 6 will present a fashion show as the Pitti Italics at Pitti Immagine Filati (Florence 29 June – 1 July).

Now, for the first time, Pitti Italics, the program through which the Fondazione Pitti Immagine Discovery promotes and supports internationally promising new-generation Italian or Italy-based fashion designers, will present a special event at Pitti Filati, creating a bridge between this fair and Pitti Uomo – a bridge with two lanes: research and fashion. 
The featured name at this special event will be Sansovino 6, the brand founded by the American-and-Milanese by adoption designer Edward Buchanan, who is considered one of the leading talents in women’s fashions and knitwear.
This event is a Fondazione Pitti Immagine Discovery production in cooperation with Pitti Immagine.
“We have been carefully watching Edward Buchanan’s brand and the development of his women’s collections over the past few seasons”, says Lapo Cianchi, Director of Communications and Events at Pitti Immagine and the man in charge of the Fondazione Pitti Discovery, “and specifically his innovative knitwear that is the fruit of his fresh and contemporary vision. We are happy to offer him Pitti Filati with its highly-specialized and expert audience as the stage for showing his creativity and unmistakable style”. 
"We are honored and excited to have this opportunity”, says Edward Buchanan “My love for knitwear is no secret, and to have the possibility to share this love and the creative possibilities of maglieria by way of Fondazione Pitti Immagine Discovery is a major plus. I am humbled to have been considered." 
Edward Buchanan will also hold a special lecture for the finalists of Feel the Yarn, the competition open to aspiring designers from the world’s finest fashion schools, and it also aims at expanding the creative potential of yarns manufactured by the finest mills in Italy. The seventh edition of Feel the Yarn will be featured at Pitti Filati.
PITTI ITALICS is part of the Special Program for the 2016 Pitti Immagine fairs sponsored by the Centro di Firenze per la Moda Italiana and produced thanks to a special grant from MiSE (Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico – Ministry for Economic Development) and Agenzia ICE (Italian Trade Agency)  in support of Italian trade fairs and Made in Italy. 

Edward Buchanan - Profile

Ohio-born designer Edward Buchanan, a graduate of NY’s prestigious Parsons School of Design and a Milano resident over the past two decades, is omnivore. Politics, hi-brow, low-brow, tabloid, catwalk, sidewalk, street and elite collide at hi-speed in his brain, translating into a streamlined, pragmatist vision. “I totally belong to the Bauhaus school of thinking – he says – I like to build it strong and sturdy so that you will have it forever and it remains extremely personal”. Edward Buchanan epitomizes the post-modern condition of cultural wandering. He is the black kid who grew up listening to Violent Femmes; the Midwest American boy who made it in the Big Apple and eventually found his fortune overseas; the Parsons graduate who was hired on the spot by a luxury company and the critical observer of celebrity culture who happened to work side-by-side with many big celebrities. 
In 1995, still an unknown talent just out of Parsons, Edward was offered by the Moltedo family, than the Bottega Veneta owners, the position of design director of the brand, with the task to create a ready-to-wear collection from scratch. Success was big, and Edward kept striding steadily for the following six years. 
A season before Bottega Veneta was sold to the Gucci Group, he left to create, with Manuela Morin, Leflesh, an intensely personal effort – a mix of Victorianism and R&B, as challenging as it was luxurious – that generated a frenzy among trendsetting boutiques worldwide and was extensively covered in the media. When the enterprise folded, Edward briefly decamped to NY to work on JLo and Sean Combs, until Italy called again, this time for good. Now officially Milanese, Edward Buchanan is a sought-after consultant, landing his vision to companies as diverse as Max Mara and Stefanel, to name a few. Working under the moniker The Situation, together with managing director Alessio Lepore, he offers complete creative services. A knack for the multi-culti and the culturally layered informs his approach. “Beauty to me is being both at peace and in chaos” he states. Edward’s labor of love is Sansovino 6, the knitwear line he launched in 2009. An email sent to friends requesting what was their favorite piece of clothing initiated the project. After compiling the information, Edward twisted it all into a fantasy, created a wardrobe entirely made in knitwear and added the bonus of total genderless-ness. In a bunch of years, Sansovino 6 has evolved into a transversal all-knit line that’s been snapped by directional store in Europe, the US and Japan. With its mix o pragmatism, wit and challenging invention, Sansovino 6 has carved a unique niche in the market. Edward Buchanan punctually delivers real clothes with a visionary edge.
Angelo Flaccavento