H24 – TWENTY FOUR HOURS IN KNIT, the new Spazio Ricerca

Central Pavilion, Lower Floor, Sala Alfa

Evolution and change are the best words to define the Spazio Ricerca, the fulcrum of all creative expression at the fair. The Spazio Ricerca is the experimental observatory where trends are analyzed and launched.

At Pitti Filati 79, the area, with its title-theme H24 – twenty-four hours in knit will explore the materials’ potentials in relation to chemical and physical changes, sensations and needs that regulate our bodies and our days. H24 will explore applications of various fibers through 24 “moments”, 24 colors, 24 atmospheres, 24 sensations and 24 physical states that need a different garment for every hour of the day and night. It is a way of getting to know ourselves better, and to reap the maximum benefits from what we wear: twenty-four hours in knit.

Artistic direction by fashion designer Angelo Figus and knitwear expert Nicola Miller; setting by Alessandro Moradei.