An adventure threading through half a century. This is the story that Leandro Gualtieri, Filpucci’s founder, has made into a book, which will be presented on June 28 at Pitti Filati.

Area Monumentale, First Floor, Meeting Room

All the major business challenges, seminal achievements and innovative ideas that determined Filpucci’s rise to global leadership are meticulously described and illustrated in 148 pages. A story sensitively filtered through the magical lens of Studio Edelkoort, which was chosen to create the book and skilfully translate the language of emotions and creative developments. 

Amidst colours, textures and images, the great market changers are presented, those yarns that left their indelible mark on Italian knitted fashions. There is a focus on the innovations introduced by various generations of yarns that launched major cultural trends at the time, trends that are still popular. This serves to confirm that strong roots in the past produce the appropriate preconditions and values to enable future visions.
This important anniversary also provides the backdrop for highlighting another very significant moment in the family firm’s continuity: a generational handover from father to son. In fact June 28 is also the day when founder Leandro transfers the company’s reins to the new chairman, Federico.
History Tells The Future is an exclusive book, printed in a limited edition of only 200 copies, reserved for those who have a close-knit relationship with spinning. However, a video version is available for people in the trade and Filpucci’s admirers.