Happy 40th anniversary, Maglificio Pini

Corte Reale

40 years have passed since Maglificio Pini foundation and it is now time to celebrate! To commemorate this important goal, they have chosen the unique frame of Florence and the atmosphere of Pitti Filati 81.

Moving forward to the future is only possible after you look back to the past and know your roots. From its establishment in 1977, Maglificio Pini has dealt with every challenge with a smile on its face.
Even today, the same smile allows the Forlì-based company to project itself to the international high fashion system with optimism, building collaborations and partnerships with some of the most known brands. From its homeland Romagna, Maglificio Pini has reached fashion houses in New York, Paris and London.
At the KnitClub area of Pitti Filati 81, Maglificio Pini will show some of the most meaningful items made in these 40 years in the world of knitwear: oversized multicolor jacquard from the 80s near to complicated lace stitches mini dresses, items mixing knitwear and luxury raw materials such as shearling and crocodile or woven leather, technical stitches in stretch viscose and last but not least evergreen ribs and the innovative mixed stitches.
The 40th anniversary is not a goal for Maglificio Pini, but a starting point. We can’t wait to find out what is waiting for us in the next activity decades.