Delicious textures and on-trend consistencies
Futuristic fashion plays with fusion

Main Pavilion, Lower Floor

Milk, apple, tapioca, avocado. Simple ingredients that evoke not only life but also refined textures that become inspiration for textile fashions. A combo that took shape during this 84th Pitti Filati thanks to the Moda Futuribile – Food in fashion project promoted by Dyloan Studio. It all started with the theme “Future on demand” around which the starred pastry chef Annalisa Borella created her dessert “Milk with avocado and apple”. During the three days of the event, this tapioca and avocado mousse with milk wafers and slivers of apple was a main player of the very popular cooking shows, accompanied by a Blanc de Blancs Brut by the Marco Felluga winery.
And then, from haute patisserie to fashion in the blink of an eye. Inspired by Borella’s recipe, three designers (Tiziano Guardini, Romina Caponi, and Lili Eva Bartha) each came up with an outfit, while the textile designer Nicoletta Lanati hand painted three panels, copying the colours, consistencies and materials the chef had used in the kitchen.
Then the natural hues, apple segment printing, and embroidery-effect tapioca wafer applications, were introduced to the techno fabrics and thermos-welded inserts of Dyloan Bond Factory.

“Creating interaction between food and fashion experiences enabled us to promote unprecedented artistic expression that promises interesting links between these two dynamic sectors,” commented Nicoletta Lanati. “Almost a contemporary Rinascimento.”