A talk with Angelo Figus and Nicola Miller

This season’s theme and title of the Spazio Ricerca of Pitti Filati 73, Pitti’s experimental laboratory where fashion trends are analyzed and launched, is going to  be LOVE. Presented as the only key of interpreting progress, love is  expected to be the essential component of the new materials that are going to be seen in the 2014/2015 Autumn/Winter season, being also essential in the creative process, as well as a real reference point and a permanent feature. Artistic director and fashion designer Angelo Figus and knitwear expert Nicola Miller,  tell us about this universe.


Love.  Where do inspiration and emotional feelings at the basis of this new research lab come from?
We have been looking at all the many sides and expressions of love, trying to turn the feelings that come from it into something that could be seen and touched. Therefore,  the upcoming Autumn/Winter season will show commitment in trying to make knitting and jacquard stitches express all these features.


How did you develop and carry on this project?
The world of knitwear becomes ever more stimulating, also because of the steady increase in the number of the new qualified and young fashion designers. Such a flow of new ideas, supported by a technology that is ever more cutting-edge, lets us understand how the importance of knitwear is going to grow in the next Autumn/Winter season. We have decided to divide this so varied world of knitwear into 13 important macro themes that are going to be at the basis of the trends for next Winter: Friendship, Animal, Nature, Narciso, Mother, Lovers, Misericordia, Romance, In Bed, Adam and Eve, Sensual and Pop.

Love as the only key of interpreting progress: what are the kinds of love you have looked at?
It is going to be a journey to the  discovery of many different kinds of love -both sensual love and love to others, love that  is shown by movies and the kind of love that is lived and dreamed of- that are all part of a greater and universal love, which is also to be found at the basis of the productive mindset needed to create products that also have a human essence. 

What are going to be the new trends for the 2014/2015 Autumn/Winter season as far as yarns are concerned?
The design of knit items is going to be influenced by the patterns that are formed by the volumes created by weaving and crocheting the yarns, as well as by those that result from the technical processes applied to classic yarns.

What is your personal definition of love?
A strong, but also too underestimated and trivialized feeling, which can unify and heal people, also showing them the way to a safer future.