LINEAPIU’ ITALIA, Lola Coppini, Director
The presentation of NeTTA, our new three dimensional yarns made on 3D printers, aroused a great deal of interest, as did all the other new ideas. We will see later when and how we will find practical applications. Above and beyond the new yarn, we are very satisfied with the fair. The second day saw a higher level of sampling than at last year’s show.  Visitor quality, both national and international, is excellent. Among the markets that visited us, the United States, Germany and France were very well represented.
FILPUCCI, Federico Gualtieri, Managing Director
This was an important show for us, given that summer wear accounts for about 40% of our sales. Perhaps there were not record numbers of visitors, but the quality of the buyers present was extremely high. Without doubt, Pitti Filati remains a reference point for knitwear, and this is important especially today when both buyers and consumers are very attentive to what is behind a yarn in terms of environmental impact or production process safety. In this regard, we share a strict Charter of Values  with a further four Prato-based companies. 
ZEGNA BARUFFA, Paola Rossi, Marketing Manager
We have had a great number of interested visitors, with Italy, France and Germany in the lead. Our H2Dry treatment, which results in unimaginable performance also when applied to yarns for summer wear, met with great success. So this has been a totally positive summer season edition, also in the light of the fact that fine yarns are very much on trend – our blends, which mainly use wool, silk and linen, were much appreciated.    As usual, Pitti Filati came up to our expectations, giving us the opportunity to set up actual showrooms for our brands so we were able to display not only our products but show how they could be interpreted.
SAFIL, Manuela Vullo, Communication Manager
Following a slow first day, the second was truly excellent even if this is not our main season. Among those who visited us there was some concern about repercussions from our acquisition by the German Südwolle Group, but the collaboration and support that we get from this industrial giant is well-established.  We have had positive numbers of visitors especially from Northern Europe, first and foremost Germans and British, who appreciated our collections.
TODD & DUNCAN, Robin S. Leishman, European Sales Manager:
Over the past two shows, Pitti Filati’s atmosphere has been particularly positive. Quality of visitors is still very high and the show is perfectly organized. Pitti Filati is a very important international showcase. It is attended by top-level international buyers and designers and it is a must-see event on the knitwear scene. A varied selection of top-level exhibitors. All things considered, it is an excellent trade show.  
TOUS LES GARÇONS, Stefania de Caroli, Owner

We have been very pleased with this show, and Pitti Filati confirms its standing as a showcase where it is important to be present, since this is where the manufacturers come, especially those who focus on research and innovation. At the moment we are trying to break into new foreign markets, and this is where Pitti can be of assistance. Furthermore, following some ups and downs, knitwear has been an on trend product for some seasons now.   However, let’s not forget that it is a product where the production process requires technical skills and ability.