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Maison New Club

Let's know the brand part of this project that fuels ideas and supports more advanced integration of the entire production chain

Specialists in men, women and children’s knits entirely made in Italy for over 50 years Maison New Club follows their clients from study and development of collections through to delivery, researching the most on-trend fashions, using yarns, knitting stitches, prints, embroidery and accessories made in Italy. Maison New Club has its own in-house sample division that tests knitting stitches, yarns, patterns and the initial prototypes. It then works with a large number of third party collaborators, labs and contractors that use the widest variety of weaving and making-up machines. Yarns used: carded, combed, printed, stretch… in collaboration with all Italian spinning mills. Weaving machines: shima seiki, stoll, universal, stiger, emm, protti, jumberca. Type of knits: jacquard, inlay, seamless, full-fashioned, cut. Prints: digital, pigment, laminate. Embroidery: hand, machine. Applied details: studs, rhinestones.