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Let's know the brand part of this project that fuels ideas and supports more advanced integration of the entire production chain

Founded in Perugia in 2003, SRL is backed by over 50 years of experience. Its founders, Luca and Francesca Ragni, can count on the experience of their father Adriano, whose knitting mills have worked with some of the most prestigious labels since 1964. SRL has created the Label Under Construction research line, responding to a great need for experimentation of procedures and materials. Thanks to innovative design and the use of unconventional treatments and the best yarns and fabrics, Label Under Construction has rapidly established itself with cutting-edge boutiques the world over, such as Atelier NY (New York), L'Eclaireur (Paris), Lift (Tokyo) and PNP (Florence). Backed by this experience, SRL now heads the company group comprising their father’s knitting mills and offers a wide range of services: from style consultancy and production of prototypes through to the entire production process cycle. Access to a cutting-edge range of machines and highly specialised staff mean that SRL can guarantee a top-quality product entirely made in Italy.