We met Luis Torres, director of PROMPERU Esportazioni and asked him about the projects awaiting him for further promotion of alpaca wool worldwide.
What projects/products are you bringing to Pitti Filati?
Peru is home to 80% of the world’s alpaca population and farming of this animal provides a living for some 120,000 families in the rural zone in the Upper Andes. It is a driver for development for other activities in this area, making coordinated action to promote alpaca wool abroad a priority, with the premise that the market is the dynamic element for the entire production chain. In this scenario, PromPerú - the agency that promotes exports - and MINCETUR – the Ministry for Foreign Trade, in coordination with the Peruvian alpaca industry, have drawn up a plan of action for promoting alpaca on the international market. Participation in Pitti Immagine Filati has the aim of promoting the Alpaca Perù brand, which wants to position Peruvian alpaca on the luxury market as a natural fibre from Peru and raise awareness of its fine qualities and production chain.
What does this chance to take part in Pitti Filati mean for you?
Pitti Filati is a priority platform for promotion of alpaca. We believe that it will allow us to interact with visiting fashion sector specialists from all over the world.
What is the greatest satisfaction for those who do your job?
The noble characteristics of alpaca products, its natural, exotic character, as well as its rich content of culture and tradition, make this product a unique tool for strengthening the image of Peru abroad. It must be highlighted that alpaca is considered to be our country’s flagship product.
Your next goal?

To position alpaca as a luxury fibre, usually found in a medium, medium-high market segment. To promote the added value of the alpaca production chain in exports.