Diana Lee, Knitwear Director - Proenza Schouler, New York:
I have taken part in many editions of the Pitti Filati knitwear trade fair. Why? It’s absolutely fantastic to see all the collections all under one roof and to record the first impressions regarding the forthcoming season, in this case the 2018 Spring/Summer Collection. Here we can compare ourselves with the knitwear company owners, the Export Managers, we can experiment with new techniques and ideas as we are able to come into direct contact with these. The Knitclub section is of fundamental importance, it hosts knitwear companies with which we frequently work yet it also increasingly proposes new companies. Painstaking attention is paid to company presentations that are also very well-organised.
Elisa Sangalli, Designer Developer - Louis Vuitton Malletier, Paris:
Why is the Pitti Filati knitwear trade fair important? Surely to see the new knitwear trends, but also to personally meet the suppliers, to compare yourselves with them, to try to transmit values and new collection ideas. It is essential to understand how the market works, in which directions it’s going as well as price trends: the trade fair is a real meeting place. Buyers are reserved special treatment and this is the result of an exceptional service.
Floriana Zuppardo, Yarn Research Department - Prada Donna, Milan:
The Pitti Filati knitwear trade fair hosts all the most important suppliers in the world of knitwear, it’s essential to take part! Although this edition presents summer collections that usually records a slightly lower turnout, it has kept up its high standards. The trade fair is very well organised, it has a clean, regular layout. I love it because apart from the great sector-related companies, also new companies are presented. We are always looking for new proposals! The Fashion At Work and Knitclub areas are really interesting because they complete the knitwear proposal and allow you to solve several problems within the same trade fair environment.
Stephanie Venditto, R&D Knits & Sweaters Manager - Tory Burch, New York:
It is always a pleasure to take part in the Pitti Filati knitwear trade fair! We discover important new products, we consolidate known companies, in any case, it is an essential event on our calendar, including a veritable community of sector-related employees. Being able to compare yourself with them, to meet them personally, makes the trade fair so important and unique: no other show manages to give you the same sensation. The Fashion at Work and Knitclub sections are very useful, the stand presentations are beautiful. The Pitti Filati knitwear trade fair always hosts you in an extremely pleasant atmosphere, it is simple to visit and for some editions now it has been even more so thanks to the dedicated App.
Angela Klein, Designer - Xcel Brands, New York:
This is the first time that I take part in the Pitti Filati knitwear trade fair and I absolutely love it. It has a clean layout, it’s simple to visit and the knitwear companies have done a truly great job with their presentations that combine fashion and aesthetics. This is an important appointment to learn more about the new sector-related technologies, the latest news from the knitwear world and to establish contacts with the selected knitwear companies. And then, in the trade fair you can always find so many sources of inspiration and for designers, this is such a fundamental aspect! The Spazio Ricerca, exploring all the different aspects of the journey, narrates a veritable story through garments: the colours are gorgeous. The Fashion at Work area is also useful, where I always discover new, important techniques.
Hayley Osborn, Senior Designer -  Women’s Knitwear - Calvin Klein Platinum, New York:
I am a veteran of the Pitti Filati knitwear trade fair! The trade fair enables you to see all the new trends in one venue… And what a venue! Discovering the world of Italian knitwear in its own cultural habitat is an added value. The atmosphere is very informal, the theme of each edition is extremely creative, painstaking attention is paid to both the layout and the presentations of the various brands; the Spazio Ricerca is a great source of inspiration. I like the fact that the Pitti Filati knitwear trade fair attempts to explore the world of clothing, without limiting itself to knitwear but venturing also into its possible uses. The creation of the App is fantastic! This makes the trade fair even easier to visit.
Doreen Chiang, Product Manager - Filippa K, Stockholm:
I am a regular visitor to the Pitti Filati knitwear trade fair and I have perceived truly positive energy from this event, so many European buyers and this has given me a sensation of great hope. The Florence-based event is much more compact compared with other sector-related trade fairs, here it is easier to find what you are looking for and the exhibitors have been in this business for many years. Moreover, it is a fantastic opportunity to personally meet suppliers, it is a melting-pot of international companies and this makes it possible to have an all-round view of what happens worldwide. I liked the Spazio Ricerca very much indeed, it proposed some wonderful colours.
Fabio Borrello, Giorgio Armani, Milan:

The Pitti Filati knitwear trade fair is an event of the utmost importance, which we always have great pleasure taking part in to discover the new trends, the yarns and all the latest sector-related news. The Spazio Ricerca is very stimulating while the organisation is excellent.