Filatura di Crosa was set up in 1939 in the province of Biella, an area famous for the processing of fine wool and the production of top quality yarn since the 19th century. Over the years the company has been transformed from a small business into a global colossus, producing about four hundred thousand kilograms of fancy yarn, almost 10 million balls, every year. 90% of the production is destined for yarns and 10% for industry. Over 700 yarn models are planned and manufactured in the company thanks to a team of highly specialized internal collaborators who analyse the raw materials, plan the manufacturing processes and create the very special blends of multicoloured yarns that have become one of the brand’s key characteristics. We spoke to the General Manager, Enzo Scalabrino Guglielmella, and asked him to tell us about his vision for the company.
Your company was established in 1939: how have you managed to survive over the years, in a professional environment that has changed a lot and is still changing?
Our strong-point has always been the continuous search for raw materials of the highest quality, matched with cutting-edge processing, enabling us to offer our clients the fine quality products that have been a distinctive feature of the brand for 78 years.
What does your decision to participate at Pitti Filati mean for you?
It isn’t our first time at Pitti Filati: we were present there on several occasions during the 1990s and the early 2000s. It’s an experience that we are always very happy to repeat, since in the past it has helped us get to know new customers and markets, enabling us to boost sales and our company image.
What is the greatest satisfaction for someone in your position?
Our greatest satisfaction is first of all to be able to renew ourselves and evolve day by day, developing new blends, testing new methods and always seeking high quality materials; this enables us to export Italian-made products around the world, particularly Biella-made products, that have been a byword for quality and good taste in the textiles sector for centuries.
What is your next goal?
Our next goal is definitely to expand, while maintaining our high standards of quality control and selection of resources. Our mission has always been and always will be to bring high quality and excellence into large scale production, enabling those who buy our products to create a little masterpiece, made up of the tradition and expertise that we have been passing on for over seventy years.