Situated in the city of Prato, a company with a strong industrial structure manages all the phases in wool processing, from the raw material (wool, acrylic and other fibres) to the finished yarn, all internally and with full autonomy. It’s the LAGOPOLANE wool processing company, one of the most important companies on the European scene for the production of worsted wool for knitwear. Since this is their first time at Pitti Filati, we asked the company owner Giovanni Gorini to tell us about this new adventure.

Your company was set up in the 1960s: how have you managed to survive over the years, in a professional environment that has changed a lot and is still changing?
In order to survive, you need to change continually together with the times, to be innovative, changing your working methods and continually updating the products. But as well as updating the product, it is equally important to succeed in keeping the company streamlined and flexible, always ready to adapt to new requirements. 
It’s your first time at Pitti Filati: what does this occasion mean for you?
For us, Pitti Filati offers the opportunity for greater visibility on the international market; both to increase our portfolio of foreign clients but also to create or strengthen our relationships with clients who already use our products or who know about us anyway.
What is the greatest satisfaction for someone in your position?
Our greatest satisfaction is to have a good company that produces exclusively in Italy and to see that these products are appreciated and worn by lots of people all round the world.
What is your next goal?
To increase exports strongly.