A story long six decades, born in the heart of Tokyo, Maruyasu now in 2017, taken on a new challenge. They have worked tireless hours and listened to the voices of designers from all over the world. The experience and expertise we have gathered has led us to deliver a new image and a new creation. We talk with general director Matsui Yusaku to discover more about this reality.

Your company was born in the 1955, how do you resist all these years, in a professional environment that has changed so much and continues to do so?
 Since established in 1955, Maruyasu has developed yarn creation to meet designer’s demand which changes with times and made performances to evolve technologies for making yarns using new raw materials. We handle thousands of yarn-types every year. Each of the fashion designers we deal with has unique ideas and preferences. We always select the best yarn for each of them. As professionals at making yarns, we must have more expertise than anyone else we think. In order to understand current fashion trends, as well as market needs, we visit yarn factories and markets in various countries. We actually touch the yarns and the finished products, and utilize this experience in our new yarns. While we response to change with times, we have principles which are never changed the price is not come first. Why? Because it is clear that creation quality would become low. We work closely with designers who are looking forward to our yarn. We grew together, we learn from them, and respond to their unique demands. When the products that we and customers make together sell well, we are all happy. We think we do not only sell yarn, products, or “things”. Our products express the true joy involved in making knitwear.
Is the first time in Pitti Filati, what rapresent this choice for you?
 So far, our material business is in Japanese market and we have reputation by Japanese customers. For the next step, we want to be recognized our creation by the global standard. We think if we are acknowledged in Pitti Filati, it means we are accepted in the world. So we tried to take part in.
Greater satisfaction for those who do your job?
We enjoy helping our clients expand their imagination and want to help our customers have fun with knitwear production. We switched our focus from selling yarns to creating the best yarns-yarns that help our clients envision a finished product even from a material swatch. All knitted goods are made from a thread. The possibilities are endless. We have looked at so many yarns over the years and are involved in production in various parts of the world and learned many techniques. Any differences we encountered in technique or in sense of value became my assets and added to my base of knowledge to help these questions. We give serious thought and consideration to our client’s needs and wants and then work closely with each client to figure out the best way to implement the design. If a client needs more assistance, we are here to show them what we know and to make the entire design process go smoothly. Maruyasu consists of many young members (20’-30’s) who are interested in and majored in knit when they were students. With their young personalities, we continue to make an effort to seek the endless possibilities of yarn and textile and develop our creation with senior’s experiences which led Maruyasu so far.
The next goal?
We have led to produce knitwear bring fun and joy of knit with lots of knit designers as a yarn partner for the past 63 years in Japan. Our next aim is to provide yarn which give unlimited knit possibilities, excitement and inspiration in the world, to spread knit community.