James H. Hinchliffe, Managing Director of Z. Hinchliffe & Sons (UK):
Another edition of the Pitti Filati show that was very well-attended and well-organized. We registered good visitor numbers at our stand, from Italian and international companies, especially American and Japanese companies. Pitti Filati is an important meeting point for those working in the sector and I must say that you always learn a lot here: that’s why the fair is an essential date in our calendar.
Cristiana Cariaggi, Director of Lanificio Cariaggi (Cagli-PU):
“We were very pleased with this show. We had very good attendance figures from Italy and abroad and we did a lot of business on each day of the fair. Textiles manufacture doesn’t have many opportunities for visibility, so participating in Pitti Filati, a very well-recognized fair in the sector, is a really important opportunity for us. During this show in particular we celebrated our 60th anniversary and we brought videos showing our philosophy, such as our bond with the local area, and sustainability, that are in our DNA. And it’s always a pleasure to come to Florence, of course!
Francesco Lucchesi, Managing Director of Industria Italiana Filati (Prato):
“Visitor numbers achieved an excellent balance at the fair, and we did good business on all three days. The work that the Tuscany Region did on incoming visitors was definitely important as it brought a greater international presence to the fair. People liked our collection a lot, and we’re pleased: the clients appreciated our attempt to remedy the price increase in raw materials of the last few months by offering new yarns with a similar appearance to previous ones but at a lower price. The demand for Prato yarns, and Italian yarns in general, is still very strong.”
Lindsay Humphreys, Marketing Mohair South Africa (Port Elizabeth):
“This edition of the fair came just at the right time. I can’t deny that we were a bit worried at the start because of the tensions that had arisen with regard to mohair production, but thanks to Pitti Filati we had the opportunity to speak to the designers and buyers and explain the truth to them. Many people needed help to understand how we actually produce our yarns and they felt comforted by our explanations. We also managed to network with other natural yarn producers and this was an important aspect. The conference organized by Pitti Immagine on sustainability was very interesting and extremely helpful. So Pitti Filati couldn’t have happened at a better time!”
Renato Cotto, Yarns Business Unit Director Textile Division at Loro Piana (Vercelli):
“This show went extremely well and the visitor numbers were well-distributed over the three days. The knitwear sector has regained an important role in collections and attention and curiosity towards yarns have become strong again. You still sense some anxiety about the price increases in raw materials but we’ll talk about this in September: at the fair we leave centre stage to creativity and beauty!”
Paolo Polonelli, Sales and Marketing Director at Filivivi (Vicenza):
“We did very good business, both in terms of attendance figures and targets: visitors were very focused on our product. The fair is always a great opportunity to meet people, both for the brands and for the large-scale retailers, and it’s an excellent opportunity for us to meet our customers in person. I hope that Pitti Filati will remain a benchmark in the world of knitwear and will continue to attract a public that’s so in sync.”
Raffaella Pinori, Pinori Filati (Prato):
“Pitti Filati is a fair that always works well! We registered great attendance figures, especially from abroad, and a well-focused clientele. We see about 600 clients at each show and the fair offers a truly unique opportunity to meet people. The parallel activities that are organized, such as the conference on sustainability and the collaboration with Modateca Deanna, are always very much appreciated. The Spazio Ricerca was also interesting.”
Davide Barbieri, Sales Director at Shima Seiki Italia:
“2017 was a record year for us in terms of sales, and 2018 is turning out to be even better! Interest is growing steadily in technical yarns and hence also in machinery like ours that can cover a range of sectors, from fashion to furniture, and even medical equipment, a new entry at this show. The designers are intrigued by the technical aspect of yarns and there is a lot of research in this field, so every year we invite our clients to come to our stand with their samples: that way we can see the tangible results and possible interpretations of the finished product.”
Tiziano Boscarini from Maglieria Gemma (Milan):
“Pitti Filati is an important event to remind our clients about our product and an international meeting point. At this show we established contacts with an Australian company that would otherwise have been very difficult to reach! The clientele at the fair are always in line with our target.”
Giuseppe Gianangeli, owner of Gianangeli (Perugia):
“This edition of the show went very well with a good flow of customers from Italy and abroad, especially from the Middle East and America. After all, Pitti Filati is an important showcase and a key event for the world of knitwear and people working in the sector. We’ll definitely be back, including for the coming shows!”
Daniele Boldrini from Dicart Group (Florence):
“Our product – yarns made entirely from paper – is very unusual and it isn’t easy to make it known on the market. Pitti Filati is definitely an excellent opportunity and we are very pleased with the results that we achieved at this edition of the show.”