CustomEASY: luxury yarns, exclusive interpretations

The event would not be complete without knitwear, one of the segments that best lends itself to experimenting with creativity. A spin-off of the Spazio Ricerca, CustomEASY is a knitwear capsule collection resulting from the synergy between the various players at Pitti Filati. Objective: to show that customisation treatments, once the preserve of denim and streetwear, can now also be used in the luxury segment.
In the capsule collection, the top yarns from the fair exhibitors will be transformed into knitwear by the Knitclub factories and treated by INTEX, a leading company in the field of dyes and treatments. The end result? A special collection of 60 unique sweaters.
“This experience also aims to offer the tools to facilitate customisation,” explains the curator of the collection, Angelo Figus. “Each garment has a jewelled plate, a sort of identity card that briefly describes who customised it, the company that produced the yarn and the knitwear factory that wove it. All indications that open the way for a true integration of the supply chain and infinite interpretations of the same yarn.” 

The project was curated by Angelo Figus, Maurizio Brocchetto and Nicola Miller, with set design by Alessandro Moradei.