Cutting edge artefacts realized by historic knitwear manufacturers characterized by the employment of innovative materials customized by the artist No Curves, maestro of the use of sticky tape and new technologies through Bond Factory’s technological manufacturing techniques. This is the technological craftmanshipthat Dyloan Studio is promoting at this edition of Pitti Filati inside Moda Futuribile: unique products created by integrating the savoir faire of the companies in the region with the technologies of today, tradition and innovation. 
The research carried out into know-how and tradition led Dyloan Studio to seek the involvement of four family-run knitting mills that are rooted in over thirty years of history: Maglificio De Pietri, Maglificio Mely’s, Maglificio Pini and Maglificio Cortese. The participating spinning mills also include some of the most celebrated names in Italy: Filmar, Filpucci, Filatura di Tollegno and Botto Giuseppe

In order to make the synergy even more tangible, during the first two days of Pitti Filati, No Curves will be offering visitors a chance to watch the live customization of garments with the real time application of Bond Factory technologies.