Customised luxury according to Figus and Brocchetto

Today’s customisation? It’s all about making fine fabrics and luxury garments even more exclusive, closer to the needs of continually evolving new targets.

Launching a project that promises interesting developments, Pitti Filati brings up on stage Angelo Figus, designer and artistic curator, and Maurizio Brocchetto, a designer with 30 years’ experience in the denim-washing sector. Together, they have created CustomEAsy, a knitwear capsule that is the result of a joint effort by the supply chain. These eighty sweaters were produced by the Knitclub knitting mills, using exhibitors’ top yarns, and then treated by INTEX, a leading dyeing and treatment company.

“Customisation of fine yarns is something we are seeing increasingly in collections because it reflects contemporary creativity and meets new aesthetic requirements,” explained Angelo Figus. “CustomEasy proves that a single thread may trigger lots of different interpretations.”

The challenge here was not just creative — it was also technical. “Customisation came about with jeans and a desire to transform a garment into a signature, an exclusive, distinctive feature,” said Maurizio Brocchetto. “But when you work with this quality of yarn, you need to preserve its fine characteristics during the washing process.” The frontier has now been pushed, making way for great potential. Also in production processes, which will require ever closer (and faster) collaboration between style offices and washing companies. We will soon be seeing the results on the runways.