Michelle Marzoli, Marketing Manager, Filmar:
Pitti Filati represents a fundamental encounter.  It is a fair from which we expect a lot and it always gives us plenty in terms of numbers but, above all, quality: all the luxury brands participate.  Among this edition’s trends was an increasing interest in sustainability.  I am satisfied.
Elena Salvaneschi, Proprietor, Iafil:
What can I say about this edition?  In the first two days we never even had time to stop for a coffee!  We didn’t expect this sort of attendance.  The style offices of the most important brands all came along and some big international manufacturers, always of the highest level.
Stefano Borsini, President, Igea:
A really good and expanding edition.  We met all the most important Italian groups and the attendance of foreign brands increased, especially American ones.  I always appreciate the work carried out for the Spazio Ricerca a lot, as well as for Sustainable.  Organic farming is the base from which textiles have to start as well, sustainability has a purpose which will be long term and will bring an advantage to everybody.
Raffaella Pinori, Proprietor, Pinori:
The fair is increasingly select, I have never had the impression of speaking to a client who is not completely up to date or not really interested and, above all, the fair is taking an even more international direction.  The Spazio Ricerca and Sustainable sections, the latter dedicated to sustainability, were really wonderful.
Alessandro Teodori, Maglificio Teodori:
Pitti Filati is a very important showcase for us.  I really liked the new position of Knitclub, I think that the amount of transit has increased and we met lots of new clients.  I was one of the first supporters of this section, and of the event in general, so my feedback can only be positive.

Maurizio Brocchetto, Proprietor, Surface Design:
This edition went very well.  This new layout gave a boost to the Customeasy project that is becoming increasingly consolidated.  All the participants in this project introduced new techniques and treatments and were present with their own stand at the fair so visitors had the opportunity to interact in real time.  No other event offers such an interesting and realistic project: Customeasy is new, easy, fast, innovative and practical for everyone.  Today, the important thing is to work in a production chain doing personalized things where there is an idea, a style, a taste.  Besides, customization is also the current trend of the big luxury brands and the companies present at Pitti Filati represent all the excellences.

Giancarlo Peruzzi, National Account, Miele:
I am very satisfied with this edition.  We have been taking part in Pitti Filati for years and, as usual, we met a great mixture of Italian and foreign companies.  I have already confirmed my presence at the June edition.
Francesca De Leo, Marketing Manager, Moda Futuribile:

Pitti Filati is a very important showcase for our project to bring manufacture to light and create a synergy inside the production chain.  We organized two Moda Futuribile events and both were followed with great enthusiasm by both Italian and foreign companies.  We are really satisfied.