Feel the Yarn

An increasingly integral part of Pitti Filati, under the direction of Pitti Immagine, we salute the fifth edition of Feel the Yarn, the competition for aspiring designers from the world’s finest fashion schools which aims at expanding the creativity of yarns manufactured by the best mills in Tuscany. This project is the result of the collaboration between Toscana Promozione, Consorzio Promozione Filati, Elementi Moda, and Pitti Immagine. Half training program, half competition, Feel the Yarn gets right to the heart of the Pitti Filati where students from the most important fashion design schools in the world, will take up the challenge of presenting their proposals for garments designed to a theme inspired by the Spazio Ricerca and knitted with yarns provided by Tuscan yarn mills.

BIFT, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology

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Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (BIFT) is China’s premiere educational facility associated with fashion, mainly specializing in art and technology. With defining characteristics, BIFT is a full-time higher education institution where art, technology, economics, management and other convergent disciplines can successfully interact. Founded in 1959, the institute was first affiliated with the Ministry of Textiles. Then it evolved into a supervisory institution under the City of Beijing in 1998. In recent years, the institute’s motto has been “innovation paves the way for realistic and creative applications in education”. The institute, which has 7000 students and 700 academic staff, is now made up of five schools (School of Clothing Art and Business, School of Art and Design, School of Materials Science and Engineering, School of Business, and School of Industrial Design and Information Engineering); two departments (Foreign Language Department and the Department of Plastic Arts); two teaching divisions (Division of Social Science and Division of Basic Courses); an educational center (Center for Computer Science Teaching); an International College; a School f Continuing Education; a Department of Higher Vocational Education and a Graduate School. 

Guo Ruiping, Tutor

The competition gives the students a chance to take a closer look at the rich materials and categories of yarn. It can broaden the students' horizons and enhance their understanding of the yarn trends . What’s more, The students’ design abilities are improved through the practical design and production.

The Students

Yangyang Yu

Yuqi Cai

Bunka Fashion College

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BFC has played a guiding role in fashion education in Japan, since 1923. It has graduated many highly-qualified people, including fashion designers on the international stage. BFC has established courses that follow all aspects of the industry. It offers an original curriculum, divided into four departments: Fashion Creation Department, Fashion Technology Department, Fashion Marketing and Distribution Department, Fashion Accessories and Textiles Department. In order to develop human resources responding to diversified industrial trends, BFC promotes collaboration with industry, government and academia.  

Hiromi Yagihara, Tutor

I hope that an encounter between a high quality Italian yarn and students' young sensitivity could make leading knit designers for the next generation. I really appreciate your giving us such a wonderful opportunity. I also hope that this project will continue for students who study knitwear.


The Students

Ayako Ohta

Eri Naito

Kumiko Ikehara

Hochschule Luzern Desing&Kunst

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In 1997, seven regional, public-funded universities were established in Switzerland, each offering degree programmes approved by the Federal Department of Economic Affairs. More than 4100 students are now enrolled in Bachelor and Master programmes at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, which is divided between several campuses located in the city center and surrounding area.

The five principle schools, which specialize in engineering, architecture, business, social sciences, art and design and music are regarded as powerful forces, underpinning central Switzerland’s economic and cultural life. The innovative undergraduate curriculum and state-of-the-art facilities accomodate both the needs of our students and their future employers. Postgraduate studies are also offered that confer a Certificate, Diploma or Master of Advanced Studies upon completion. The University has a reputation for hifh standards of rigorous Research and is committed to maintaining close cooperation with local industries, businesses and cultural institutions.

Tina Moor, Tutor

The Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Textiledesign, provides students with an applied education, working regularly with companies from Switzerland and abroad. The cooperation with the Italian spinners enriches the involved students professional experiences. I appreciate the opportunity that the students can present their work at the ”Pitti Filati”-fair in order to receive positive or critical reactions.

The Students

Dorothea Birnstiel

Selina Peyer

Hochschule Niederrhein

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The Faculty is one of Europe's largest study locations for textile and design engineers. It offers a wide range of Bachelor's and Master's programs. The comprehensive range of studies makes graduates extremely flexible. Students develop their knitting knowledge on different machine types and for different products. The university got workshops with a high standard of technical installations from hand driven flat knitting machines, Stoll CMS, and circular knitting machines to weft knitting machines. It has cooperation agreements with international universities bearing witness to the high standing of the Institute. 

Ellen Bendt, Tutor

For our University it is a great pleasure to be part of the Feel The Yarn contest for the third time! We love the current theme of the contest in 2014, because it deals with the multifaceted atmospheric ambience of materials and elements in the various states of aggregation and gives us the opportunity to work with innovative technical solutions and to “think” knitwear in a new way. For our participating students the competition is a great opportunity to show their creativity and talent to an international audience. They want to improve their know-how and get to know the possibilities and conditions of the Italian yarn suppliers. For sure the contest will create a deeper understanding for the importance of yarn type and quality, to develop successful and innovative knit design. We would like to express our special thanks to Toscana Promozione, the involved yarn companies, the Pitti Filati Organisation and Signora Ornella Bignami.

The Students

Caroline Sell

Miya Budaeva

Theresa Brinkmann

Kingston University

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BA(Hons) Fashion - the course covers all aspects of the design process – from research and design development to creating garments using cut and construction. Every student across all levels will engage in professional practice related to their studio work. Art and design history underpins studio-based projects and overseas study trips. Design projects are delivered by a dedicated team of specialist practising designers and modules are led by experienced tutors. Collections are selected for an annual fashion show at a premier venue in London attended by the industry and press from the UK and overseas. 

Samantha Elliot, Tutor

Kingston University are pleased to be participating for the second time in the 'Feel the yarn' competition, giving two of our recent Fashion BA (hons) students a global platform on which to showcase their design and technical skills. The competition enables the students to work closely with the spinners, gaining a greater understanding of the industry. The Fashion Course at Kingston has a growing knitwear department with recent investment in Shima Seiki technology, which students are encouraged to use alongside flat beds and traditional hand knitting to create garments which are original and innovative.

The Students

Camille Hardwick

Maria Brimelow

Politecnico di Milano - Design dept.

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The Design School in the Politecnico di Milano University is today the largest international reality for the education of designers

The history of the Degree Course in Industrial Design – Design Faculty since June 2000 and now the Design School – is characterized by its constant desire to experiment innovative path that respond to the needs of contemporary society. Fashion Design altogether with  Product, Communication, Interior is part of the Bachelor degree programs. The Master degrees include Product design for Innovation, Fashion System design, Interior design, Design and Engineering , Naval and Nautical Design. In addition to these two levels of degree programs the Design School also offers a wide range of first and second level  Master Diplomas and PhD providing a top qualification in the field of design research.

Giovanni Maria Conti, Tutor

The contest is offering the students of the Design School a real opportunity of cooperation with the spinners in an international prestigious context within PITTI FILATI edition which is unique in the yarn sector. For the Design School, where the future fashion designers are educated, it also represents the possibility to interact with the production. Therefore participating in FEEL THE YARN means giving professional opportunities to the young designers.  

The Students

Alessandro Bruno

Matteo Domenichetti

Royal College of Art

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The Royal College of Art
is the world’s most influential postgraduate university of art and design. Specialising in teaching and research, the RCA offers the degrees of MA, MPhil and PhD across the disciplines of fine art, applied art, design, communications and humanities. There are over 1,200 Master’s and doctoral students and more than 200 professionals interacting with them – including scholars, leading art and design practitioners, along with specialists, advisers and distinguished visitors. 

Sarah Dallas, Tutor of the Royal College of Art 

The Students

E Wha Lim

Matilda Norberg

Min-Hsuan Weng

The Hong Kong Polythecnic

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The Institute of Textiles and Clothing (ITC) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) has a proud and illustrious history. It has pioneered the provision of fashion and textiles education in Hong Kong. While ITC strive to equip students with professional knowledge, ITC is also firmly committed to providing an all-round education to equip them with a global outlook as well as critical and creative thinking amongst other important attributes. ITC has a team of excellent staff members who distinguish themselves in high quality teaching and research in the areas of design, business and technology. ITC makes significant contributions to the industry and the society with its expanding range of consultancy, professional training and technology transfers. Through these activities, ITC develops strong partnership with the business and industrial sectors in the world. ITC is determined to be a world-class fashion and textiles education and research centre and a centre that plays a leading role for the advancement of knowledge in fashion and textiles through its exciting educational and research programmes.


Dr Judyanna Ng, Tutor

Our Institute participates in the contest for the second year and we are very excited and look forward to meeting the judges and other contestants. ‘Feel the Yarn’ provides an international platform for students’ works to be seen. Their works not only demonstrate their talent, creativity and knitwear knowledge, but also reflect their dedicated enthusiasm and passion for knitwear design. Students can certainly be inspired by the beautiful Italian yarn. It is a great pleasure for PolyU to be involved in such a great event.  

The Students

Ka Ho Cheung

Mei Yee Kally Keung