Feel The Yarn 2015


Yarn training experience and design award for future knitwear designers

BIFT - Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology

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To students’ perspective, it is a very good communication opportunity. This competition is exploring their horizons and also a great platform to experiencing design development from 2D to 3D. 



Applying a textile for designing of sportswear, such textile is called ’Buzi‘which was only used for robes of senior officials in Ming Dynasty, indicating higher social class in ancient times. Now they are used for sportswear, like new wine in old bottles, never fading charme.


Design Instructions:In between black and white, grey colors the universe. Grey is roaring waves full of lives. Grey is ancient civilization inherited from ancestors. Grey is plants.Grey is our flesh and blood.Grey is our souls. The series of clothing design use black, white and grey as the main tone, mixed with green and blue. A diversity of craft techniques are adopted, many of which are handicraft works.


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I hope that an encounter between a high quality Italian yarn and students' young sensitivity could make leading knit designers for the next generation.
I really appreciate your giving us such a wonderful opportunity.

I also hope that this project will continue for students who study knitwear. 



By using monofilament and mohair yarn, I knit twisted yarn by paralleling those and form a pattern in the course of knitting to express my own DUAL. The concept is Mineral ores oozing out the beauty and dust accumulated on there. It's capable of being seen the color and glitter of stone made of mohair yarn through the Dust which is achromatic color.


Strength and delicacy, light and shadow. I express the process of being naturally harmonized between things in the distance and make it emphasize new form and volume more.


The theme of design is complexity. I designed it avant-garde, repeated several steps of pleated knit yet it can be easy to wear in daily life. Also DUAL, which is this year’s main theme, is contrast of volume between 2 outfits,fusion of high gauge and low gauge and also expressed using the color tone.


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The Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Textiledesign, provides students with an applied education, working regularly with companies from Switzerland and abroad.(Hugo Boss, Création Baumann, Mitwill etc.)
The cooperation with the Italian yarn companies from Tuscany enriches the involved students professional experiences. I appreciate the opportunity that the students can present their work at the ”Pitti Filati”-fair in order to receive positive or critical reactions. 



in-between - I enter the room. A cacophony of sounds and objects overwhelms me. The space is so teeming with energy, that the room has to gasp for breath. Abstract shapes and patterns soar into the air in all directions. As they swirl they attach to each other, weaving together into an open-mesh structure that pervades the space. Silence and stillness appear from nowhere, allowing my head to clear. The room is now completely bare. It begins to breathe calmly, the cool air flowing freely through its vast emptiness. My knitwear designs play with the volume of space and its capacity to be full or empty.


Storm in a raindrop. Cloud contours, water droplets and refracted light of a natural scene inspire my knitwear collection. The sky is overcast with a mass of heavy clouds, rapidly turning from shades of white and grey to black. As the clouds darken and converge, a sudden flash of lightning illuminates them and they become dramatic sculptural forms. Thunder cracks and the sky empties a torrential downpour. Then there is calm. The clouds return to softer hues of grey. The sun’s gentle rays dance on wet surfaces. Raindrops glimmer as they catch the light and reflect an iridescent sheen.


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“We are very honored and proud to be part of the “Feel the Yarn”-project again in 2015. For the students the contest is an awesome chance to show their creative potential and knitting knowledge to a professional audience and to get into contact with international fashion industries. Thank you to CPF and PITTI IMMAGINE FILATI and the participating Italian spinners for the valuable support they give to all students in the project.” 



Dual – Contrast or fusion? Contrast and fusion! The idea of the concept PITCH AND SULPHUR is to connect contrast and fusion coincidently. Heavy materials meet effortless shapes, big volumes appear in combination with transparency. Details like layering effects are combined with bulky paddings, bold cable stitches and pleats. The shades of black, white and grey are interrupted by orange accents. Contrast and fusion!


The Art of Contrast & Shading My outfits represent different interpretations of contrast and fusion. There is a direct contrast between the two opposite non-colors Black and White or a fusion of the two counterparts in shaded grey tones. This interaction emphasizes each character of color and its deepness. Geometric shapes are transformed into knitted jacquards and structures. Partial coatings and applications add further value. A wide variety of pattern is generated by combining and mixing these non-colors and structures.


Black and white world - Black and white, tough and cosy, stiff and soft - inspired by the world of contrasts, the knit design concept “Duality” creates innovative materials. The combination of very light, soft layers and stiff, shell-like materials with crushed coatings and 3D foam print composes a new feeling for surfaces and knits. Break open structures and organic stone formations generate the impulse for refinement. To outline the principle of duality in design language colours mirror the contrasting world. Acting as a couple, one outfit is black and the other one is totally coloured in different white shades.


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The "Feel the yarn" competition is a wonderful and extraordinary opportunity for the young
creative fashion design talents all over the world.
It`s a unique offer for the students to work very close with the best knitwear yarn
companies in Italy and for both sides it is very instructive.
Three of our former students already had the chance to participate and they all got a
fantastic job as knitwear designers. The Competition was a milestone on the way to the

International fashion industry 



„Dual Psycho“ is exploring the tension within a psychoneurosis. Using the iconic picture of a straight jacket my work reflects the duality of self-protection, restriction, embraced and the feeling of being bound. The comfort and volume of knit is to be broken with sleek laminations and rough manipulations in order to open up a dialog about the traditional features of the material. I use techniques as felting, coating, comb-outs and needlepunch, which combined with different patterns create a variety of surfaces. The garments created in this process achieve their volume and complexity from being layered out of these newly created textures.


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Feel the yarn was a great opportunity for our students to compete with a real brief. I find this competition very useful also because create a bridge between students and yarn manufacturers. For us, ad School of Design of the Politecnico di Milano, was the second chance and we enjoyed it even more! 


Alice Bonatti

A dialectic relationship between opposites, two different souls intertwined in a perfect synthesis of stasis and dynamism. The union of three-dimensionality, transparency, geometric symmetry and stratification.

Edoardo Faccin

The contrast is enhanced by different macro and micro features. The project shows the use of two-dimensional and 3D processing techniques. Specifically 3D relief, two-dimensional bicolor “costa piatta” or basic colour changes through intarsia. This particular effect is reached thanks to processing techniques that enrich the fabric with a softer or a more rigid touch. This juxtaposition is perceived through the sight and the touch, is visible and clear but also balanced and harmonious. Through the fusion of contrasting characteristics, garments show a harmonious union of opposites.

Marta Mauri

My concept is inspired by contrast and fusion. It consists in particular process that creates dynamic volumes. The contrast is based on the use of a nylon knit on a cotton basis to protect the areas of a garment usually subject to wear and to be damaged; however, the yarns interact, thanks to the transparency of nylon. The sequence of nylon and cotton doesn’t represent a real fusion; their mixture produces fluid silhouettes and shapes thanks to different tensions. The total fusion appears through the interaction between these two different materials, as a sort of gradual shading.

Susanne Vezzoli

I found wonderful nature surfaces, on animals, on their spine, and I wondered: what is more in contrast between leather and knit together? what about if they melt together becoming just one thing? I tried to reinterpret them, to transform in knit stitches, in volumes, and in the end in outfits. I choose three types of leather, of the most complex: croco¬dile, ostrich and shark. They create totally different effects: sometimes squared and geometrical, and sometimes rounded and pointed, or irregular and rough. I combined with linen, in exclusive natural yarns and played with textures and volumes.


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Taking part in the FEEL THE YARN initiative is a fantastic opportunity for both the Fashion Knitwear students and the tutors at the Royal College of Art.
To be partnered with such prestigious Italian yarn companies and to use the most innovative yarns available to knitwear designers globally is a real privilege.
The training course for the students, provided by the organisers, is a real bonus and the experience for the students to exhibit their garments at Pitti Filati and to present their work to elite and acclaimed fashion houses is quite unique. 



Inspired by 'Pierrot' who makes people laugh with a gloomy face. I often feel sad by watching him performing in front of an audience rather than feeling happy. Therefore I think Pierrot is one of the strongest metaphors to show the contrast of happiness and sadness for the theme DUAL. I am using traditional yarns and knitting techniques, combined with alternative materials and treatments to explain my concept through a knitted outcome in a modern and contemporary style.


Working uniform is enforced to provide a job role identity. However, through time and use, it moulds to the wearers movements, reflecting a part of their personality. The concept of this project is to encapsulate this character that progressively evolves within working garments and the second-life we grant through repair. Images referenced Dieter Roth, Frederike Most and Takuya Shima.


Taking inspiration from the work of the Brazilian artist Antonio Henrique, I wish to develop a deeper meaning through emotional contrasts as well as appearances; the contrast between dark and bright, solid and soft, textured and plain. I will do this by using chunky and fine gauge knitting and Lurex and mohair yarns to manipulate the combinations into oversize silhouettes. To take two different elements and mix them together are the ideas behind this collection.


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We are very grateful that this is the fourth year that HK PolyU has been invited to participate in the "Feel the Yarn Contest" of Pitti Filati. To represent HKPolyU at the event has become one of the important goals of our Knitwear Fashion Design Students. This annual activity is sure to inspire and encourage the students for their future career in the Knitwear industry. And it is also an interesting opportunity and challenge that the students can use the beautiful Italian yarn as the raw materials for their collections. 



By references to the idea of contrast of fusion, the collection is all about contend of silhouette, materials, texture, colour, and visual. By applying the technology of Seamless knitwear, Wholegarment, drape outer sweaters give a grading into the total look to linking the ideas of contradict between synthetic polyester and wool and mohair effect., solid and accent colour blocking and transparent effect.


My theme is “23:59” – a moment suspended in time. It is the last moment in a day, but it is also the moment before a new start. Things are no longer the same a moment before: the rusty metal, peeling wall or the eroded rivet. They are given a new life: their weathered beauties, embedded with historical dimension, are appreciated. They are rusty but proud, decay but classic, eroded but elegant. In my design, varieties of knitting structures are used to create different textures and present the weathered beauties like the peeling crackle wall and rusty metal. Foil printing and spandex will be applied to enhance the visual contrast.


”The 5th Season”. This is a story about a lonely planet – Iceland. It is a place covered with ice. It is about a natural landscape. It is the combination of regularity and irregularity. When a place is covered by snow and surrounded by numerous glaciers, it is quiet and calm. Annoyance is gone and peacefulness is left. Personally, it is the 5th Season – my beloved season. To represent the regularity and irregularity in knit, pleating is applied. Different kinds of pleating knitting techniques were added to show gradual changes in regularities and the feeling of calm and peace.