a true revival and complete antithesis to everything fashion has represented over the last five years.

the essence of style, held within an exquisite vial and designed to survive the test of time, backed by ad campaigns that will allow it to go down in history.

Wine is culture, tradition, and maybe even the only genuine depiction of local territory against the all-consuming phenomenon of globalization.

the color card, inspired by jeweled reflections and especially diamonds mounted on the most expensive and exclusive settings ever.

is inspired by the varnishing of the most iconic cars of all time and by the most diversified prototypes for the season to come.

the museum as an icon of conservation, an almost sacred place of transmission. Knits and designs that blend into one another, mixing the most iconic museum architectures together.

A more lyrical vision will characterize fashion, along with a more defined and sculpted image of men and women. A new luxury, inspired by the fashion system, which between the 1950’s and 80’s was conceived in the service of beauty and to enhance the physical form. Research will orient itself towards six guiding principles, ingredients for realizing a collection or simply a well-made garment. Material is the starting point: it will be declared and exalted by clothes that highlight the quality of the yarn and of the knit, promoting the textile concepts offered up by the materials. The structures will be rich, but visibly tone-on-tone, presenting themselves on knitwear without overwhelming it, while making even the most ordinary clothes precious and extremely special. The patterns will speak of knitwear in a traditional sense, reinterpreting in a minimal and extremely sophisticated key the traditional patterns and motifs associated with the history and places of the most recognizable knitwear, from diamond patterns to houndstooth, which also in this case are tone-on-tone or glossy-matte. The shape will be studied to give the body a new importance and elegance, with apparel returning as a status symbol that would like to tell something about us and our choices. Volumes are alternated, defining knits through layering, transparencies, and matte effects: the worth of a knit garment is presented gram by gram. The color will be muted, degradé, and sensitive, corresponding to the need to soften the tones and soothe the soul. The color, associated with water, will be a bona fide stylistic calling card; customization is a new frontier in luxury that will give even more credit and value to important and exclusive purchases. Six themes will develop the guidelines of these new trends:


Designers decreasingly fulfill their role as such, increasingly acting as the coordinators of elements present in a collection; a collision of choices that often occurs in the phase of sourcing. Businesses are being transformed into bona fide search engines of creativity and design. The heritage of knowledge, experience, and savoir-faire evolves towards new interpretations that can and know how – from one season to the next – to intercept the tastes of designers, who transform lifestyle trends into real products. Today, these are the companies representing the greatest creative heritage, which inspires the entire supply chain of designers and creative talents. The next edition of Pitti Immagine Filati is specifically dedicated to the fair’s exhibitors as the true protagonists of trends that will be developed under six main guidelines. A new theme/trend in production develops the most significant signals of the up-and-coming season: after years of aesthetic denial and paradoxes in taste, a new need for simplicity, clarity, and linearity in shapes and surfaces begins to make headway, transmitting an easily identifiable, and accordingly recognizable, concept, which is compatible with the requirements of genuine wearability. Everything is finer and more classic, and even sportswear will become more elegant and sophisticated, overturning roles of inspiration. Comfort is no longer up for discussion and is a certainty in combination with a certain formality and elegance. Even sportswear shapes will be reinterpreted in an extremely refined key, becoming counterpoints for sophisticated processes and textures that are closer to haute couture than the sports world.