the journey to places of faith and mysticism, a journey to lose and then find oneself again. Pilgrim 2.0 travels light with a meager backpack

the journey seeking physical wellness and purification in a distant, exotic land. It is an escape from our time and reality.

doesn’t know his destination until the last moment, the low-cost traveler doesn’t plan anything except being prepared for anything.

the traveler knows his destination very well, the places that offer the utmost in luxury. For the lucky few or for once in a lifetime.

 is the trip heading for sports and activities with a traditional old-school air.

the “home-exchange” spirit is revolutionizing both the way of experiencing your destination and the concept of the trip itself. Leave home to find a home.

a wild and free spirit in contact with nature. Camping? Yes and completely, but with all the comforts of a temporary style home that is very refined, wild and chic.

the sense of freedom and getting away from it, all becomes extreme. It is the trip that takes you to the most inspiring places on the planet to engage in extreme sports, trips loaded with adrenalin.

the passion for the extreme becomes rebellion. This theme is inspired by the Japan of the the Bōsōzoku. A noisy and rumbling theme that combines Japanese tradition with Punk.