Love and sexuality in the time of the internet are elements free from all taboo. Every kind of belonging or preference is represented through a menu of great experimentation and an absence of prejudice. Even the most bizarre fantasies become reality. A sense of great exaggeration in size characterizes this theme, everything is extra-large, even yarn.

In the digital age, communication is synonymous with instant messaging. Everything is abbreviated through letters, symbols, and shapes, conveying symbolic and immediate meaning. Language is contracted and expressed in just a few short letters, while complex concepts or emotions are meant to be shared in real time with a community of followers. Knits are bona fide messages for wearing. 

The internet offers a platform for visibility without equal. Concepts like web-reputation and personal-brand-image play a key role. It only “truly” exists if it is online. And online in the “right” way. Selfies become an art form in representing ourselves and our own group. 

The web presents an extraordinary picture of the most personal, and accordingly exclusive, design, while at the same time laying the groundwork for the international sale of productions. We are all potentially sellers, with the freedom to offer our points of view on a product and its customization on a global scale.

We are all special guests, called upon to participate in the circulation of news, which sometimes results in the generation of fake news. This does not eliminate the need to participate and share everything in real time. A bona fide obsession which, unlike printed paper, is in a constantly changing state of evolution.

Less and less time is spent outside the home, with an increasing tendency to remain online. In the context of videogames, time and space bypass one another and then come together with continuity. History becomes the present, future, and past. Everything is forever. The online game is a constant flow of visual information from every period and style, always available with the possibility of overwriting it.