Colors of Anew Memories

Stazione Leopolda

From Proust's famous madeleine and Süskind's murderous Perfume tale to Sigourney Weaver remembering the smell of her captor in Polanski’s movie Death and the Maiden, fragrances have always rampantly toyed with our imagination. Neurologist Oliver Sacks observed people who have lost their olfactory sense bring back fragrances through images and colors. Do colors smell? We believe they do. They bring scents of our feelings, fears, longing, love, fun, night and day, rain and sun, moisture and dryness. Each feeling is a fragrance a color a memory, to keep or let go. ANEW to start smelling the world afresh all over again, a color chart to change our memories into a pattern a painting a fragrance, with the power of a symbol an icon, with the smell of ANEW revolution around our senses.


by Anew Magazine
concept by Christoph Radl 
fragrances provided by IFF International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.
produced by Pitti Immagine and Fondazione Pitti Discovery

The FONDAZIONE PITTI DISCOVERY projects have also been realized thanks to the contribution of the CENTRO DI FIRENZE PER LA MODA ITALIANA and PITTI IMMAGINE