IFF presents

Talk on olfactory therapy and memory

Stazione Leopolda

During Pitti Fragranze, Alienor Massenet, a “nose” at IFF – who, amongst many others, has created olfactory essences for brands such as Estee Lauder, Lancome, Armani, John Galliano, Diesel, Memo - will give a talk entitled “Mémorie emotionnelle à travers l’olfaction” on the use of fragrances within the scientific therapeutic field in public hospitals in Paris. Supported by Celine Manetta (researcher in Global Consumer Science IFF) and Anna Montet (student and patient at the hospital Ambroise Paré), Alienor will open a window on the potential of olfactory therapy, in line with the overall theme of this edition, the memory. Together, they will tell more about the clinical experiences at some of the most important hospitals in Paris, where smells are used as "tools of mnemonic  rehabilitation ": these are special atelier, created by IFF together with CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women, a non-profit association of managers in the cosmetic field) since almost 13 years, during which patients suffering from trauma and amnesia - through the use of a collection of more than 120 smells - reactivate the circuits of memory, in a real "olfactory adventure."