The events of Pitti Fragranze n.12 Exhibitors

Stazione Leopolda

The Pitti Fragranze also means a full calendar of events – many are still in the planning stages – presented by Pitti Immagine and by the exhibitors. The events shine the spotlights on the international stars of creative perfumery and the contemporary wellness and lifestyle scene. Talk shows, installations, presentations and special openings all make Pitti Fragranze unique. It is an opportunity to tell the huge audience of fragrance enthusiasts all about olfactory culture through a mix of entertainment and information, and for this reason, Pitti Fragranze will be open to the public on Saturday, 13 September.


And here’s a look at some of the scheduled events:

- CALÉ presents “I racconti profumati di Calé: Amore, natura, speranza, tormento, fascino e vanità illusoria tratteggiati nelle novità firmate Clive Christian, Creed, Floris, Humiecki&Graef e Jardins d’Ecrivains”. – The perfumed tales of Calé: Illusory vanity, love, nature, hope, torment, and charm in the new fragrances by Clive Christian, Creed, Floris, Humiecki&Graef and Jardins d’Ecrivains”.


- DISPAR is celebrating an important occasion, the 80th anniversary of “Pour Un Homme”, the legendary fragrance by Caron of Paris launched in 1934, and is also presenting for the first time “Voile Blanche” and “Quai des Lices”, two new fragrances created by Silvana Casoli driving spirit of Il PROFVMO: and inspired by St. Tropez, the magical place where everything is possible.
- The Skin, is a workshop dedicated to skin, featuring the noses and talents behind the famous brands distributed by ESSENSES, and who have created exclusive fragrances dedicated to their “sense” of skin. The theme of this workshop presented by Essenses Indie Lab is linked to the imagination: the noses will present their interpretations of the scent of skin in a test tube; the audience will be able to sniff, and then listen to the story of the person who conceived, perceived and created it.
ESSENSES also presents Le Galion, a label with more than 50 years of history and famous for its elegance: a high quality and creative reworking of this brand’s heritage.