I Giardini del Granduca

New fragrances from the historic Medici gardens

Stazione Leopolda

The world of fragrances is potentially infinite and boundless, able to open up to timeless historical, emotional and cultural sources of inspiration. Fragrances therefore form an indissoluble bond with history, bearing exceptional witness to the past and communicating with it. This is certainly true of “Giardini del Granduca” (“Gardens of the Grand Duke”), a special Eau De Toilette due to be presented at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday 13 September, during the twelfth Fragranze, promoted by the Soprintendenza Speciale per il Patrimonio Storico Artistico ed Etnoantropologico (Florentine Board for Historic and Cultural Heritage) and by the Polo Museale of the city of Florence, and organised by Sillabe.

Giardini del Granduca” is a skilfully composed fragrance, with notes inspired by the plants cultivated in the historic gardens of Florence and Tuscany. Its scent brings one into direct contact with memories of the Medici dynasty and its magnificent garden legacy, which enhances Florence and Tuscany with the Medici Villas, UNESCO World Heritage sites since 2013. Fragrances – which evolve with the changing of the seasons – form an essential part of the worlds of culture and art found in the Castello garden (the prototype "Italian garden"), the grandiose urban garden of Boboli, and the parks at Poggio a Caiano, Petraia, Cerreto Guidi and other ducal villas, where architecture, ancient and modern statues, sciences and the civilisation of leisure reach their peaks, awaiting discovery through the senses.
The presentation press conference will include contributions from the Board director Cristina Acidini, the writer Andrea Bocconi, the perfume creator Simonetta Giurlani Pardini, and the editor Maddalena Paola Winspeare. Moderator: Mariangela Rossi, journalist and writer.