Unscent - Love Magic Potions

Stazione Leopolda

The Alcatraz section of the Stazione Leopolda will be the setting for the INTERTRADE GROUP olfactory-artistic project: a new concept and interactive installation dedicated to love potions, created exclusively for Pitti Fragranze by Cristiano Seganfreddo. 


Eight outstanding noses Cécile Hua, Ralf Schwieger, Cyrill Rolland, Celine Ripert, Christian Vermorel, Alex Lee, Arturetto Landi and Vanina Muracciole selected by Celso Fadelli have created exclusive magical love potions just for this occasion. Powerful  fragrances will cross paths with creations by eight international illustrators selected by Alessio Avventuroso - Alvvino, Matteo Cibic, Patricia Gimeno, Alessandro Gori, La Tigre, Elena Xausa, Anna Parini and Think Work Observe – and a literary section prepared by author Giuseppe Santonocito. Eight famous Love Magic Potions from the literature will “tell” the story of loves and passions triggered by aphrodisiac formulations. Huge installations and olfactory boule will the complete the experience for visitors as they discover the latest creations by the INTERTRADE GROUP brands. And lastly, a video-reportage by Danielle Ryan – creator of the Roads fragrance – will ask visitors, noses and artists to express their personal views of love.