MANE presents the heart of fragrance

One of the special featured guests at Pitti Fragranze 12

Stazione Leopolda

MANE will be one of the special featured guests at Pitti Fragranze 12. The French firm, and world leader in the creation of fragrances and flavors is still operated by the Mane family. With 140 years of experience and an extraordinary ability to understand changes in society and tastes, and grasp consumers’ needs, Mane boasts enormous know-how. The firm’s exclusive creations consist of refined fragrances, personal care  and home products, as well as components for the food, confectionary and beverage industries. 

Friday, 12 September, as part of a special event at the Stazione Leopolda, MANE will present the incredible world of niche fragrances through a fascinating “journey” - curated by Micaela Giamberti, Fragrance Division Director of MANE Italia - starting from the origins and social role of scent in various periods of history; the “journey” will lead to the revelation of the infinite olfactory wealth that can be found within a raw material and then extracted through special processes.