Maria Candida Gentile presents her “Flight of the Bumblebee”

A special collection of three wonderful fragrances inspired by nature

Stazione Leopolda

In the “The flight of the bumblebee” by Rimskij-Korsakov, the protagonist is turned into an insect so that he can join his father and announce he is still alive. It is therefore a flight that homages life and opens up to the hope of a brighter future. 

Presented exclusively at Pitti Fragranze, on Friday 12 September from 2.00 to 3.00 pm, the new collection of three fragrances by Maria Candida Gentile is inspired by that flight and features the bumblebee as the bearer of a special message. 
This insect is an extraordinary indicator of the health of the natural environment that surrounds us. 
It is in fact one of the first to decrease in number if the environment is unhealthy.
Recuperation of a harmonious relationship between man and nature has always been a priority value for Maria Candida Gentile and the fragrances she creates are all the expression of emotions based on this observation.
With her new collection, which started with study of precious natural ingredients, Maria Candida Gentile restores the deepest olfactory sensations that nature offers in their most genuine and authentic essence.
This has led to the new collection of three fragrances – Kiterea, a union of citrus and the sea, Syconium, the ripening of the fig, the maximum expression of nature’s goodness in a fruit and Leucò, the epiphany of a white flower that only opens at night – all linked by the note of honey. The rediscovery of nature, recognition of its fragility, the same that characterises us as human beings and opens us up to its beauty.