Coquillette Paris presents Tudor, the Spot

The short movie dedicated to the new fragranze of Coquillette Paris

Stazione Leopolda

Symbol of the end of the One Hundred Years War, the Tudor Rose represents a state of peace achieved after a long and arduous process. It is proof of how each human being must deal with piercing wounds and unforeseen obstacles, which sometimes prevent us from reaching the most intimate part of ourselves.


The creative duo at Coquillette Paris celebrates the new collection of six fragrances with a short film, presenting the agony and the ecstasy, flight and respite, beauty and labour. In fact, a short film directed by Thom Rever with artistic direction by Rosa Vaia will be shown at Fragranze 12, on Saturday 13 September, from 5 to 6 pm, with other special content and interventions.  
A metaphor that is also a hymn to life, in its essential and primordial form, with the mysterious and androgynous model Enrie Scielzo playing Tudor, the latest Coquillette Paris fragrance, through its profound, enigmatic notes, with a lingering sweet, amber hint. The final journey, the sixth and final fragrance of the collection, represents the hardest, the journey inside ourselves.
During the event, the original track “Rose” by Ken Holland feat. Barnum’s Freak will also be presented, as the exclusive soundtrack to the film available to the public and clients on iTunes.