Alyson Oldoini at Fragranze with Diafana Skin

Spazio Conferenze

Creator of the line of the same name, Alyson Oldoini has chosen Florence and Pitti Fragranze to present Diafana Skin. 

A feminine fragrance that reveals an intrinsic link between cosmetics and perfumery, with an olfactory pyramid that is an explosion of flowers and scented ointments and comes in a refillable parfum à porter, Diafana Skin is the result of the intuition of three women, Alyson Oldoini, the eclectic creator, Annelise Heberard and Joëlle Patris Lerioux, the two exceptional perfumers from Fragrance Resources.
Well-known perfume critic Michael Edwards will present Diafana Skin at Fragranze with a special introduction to the short film “What may I ask to my perfume? To make me more beautiful.”